Monday, December 16, 2013

Saturday in Old Panama City

The following links will take you to the other three blog pages devoted to the ICCL Conference In Panama City, Panama:




And Old Panama on Saturday

I had hoped on Saturday to take the EcoTour; however, a
sufficient number of people did not sign up.

Swift had to catch the airport bus around

noon, so I joined him and Katsunori for a few hours in Old Panama City.

There, we walked in the heat and concluded out visit with a quart of  fresh and delicious ceviche along with teeth-cracking-cold Panamanian beer, a fabulous combination on a hot and humid day.

I enjoyed the walk through the this very much under construction section of Panama City, which will become more and more impressive as work continues.

During our quick journey around the area,
we stopped in a store to pick up some souvenirs.  I purchased some Christmas gifts and got myself a shirt.  

There, the owner of the store recognized me from the videos Peruvians made in Peru, NE, and Lima, Peru.  I created a blog page with a variety of the videos. 

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