Sunday, January 27, 2013

2013 Chili Feed

On Saturday, January 26, the Peru State Student Senate members joined with the Peru Foundation and the PSC National Alumni Association for the always popular Annual Chili Feed.

While the PSC Women's and Men's Basketball teams played Central Methodist--where great friend of Peru State Kent Propst now works--folks enjoyed the chili and buns dished out by foundation board members and student senators.

I was glad to attend and talk with everyone because I missed because of conflicts the past two years.

I posted photographs on Flickr and Facebook for everyone's enjoyment.  So enjoy the slide show and tag away.

After a couple hours, I left the Wheeler Center and drove over the bridge in Brownville to see Bald Eagles that congregated on the north side of the road during the cold spell.  Unfortunately, the birds had dispersed in the warmer temperatures to open water.  I will keep checking.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Oak Bowl Renovation

January 25

 January 29

 February 13, East Side of the Stadium

March 8

 March 18
 March 26

Foundation for Press Box, May 7

May 7Because this page has gotten a tad crowded, I created Oak Bowl Renovation Part Two.

March 18-25:  I will eventually go into the Oak Bowl and take photographs, probably next week.  But now matters move quickly.  I stopped by to take a few pictures before leaving for a conference in Orlando when building of the the retaining wall  began; by the time of my return, well, the wall looks in good shape.
Friday, March 8:  I checked out the area and took just a few new photographs added to the group linked here and there on this page.  The area for the seating looks more and more settled, and work continues on the field and against what will be the ten-foot wall where the "P" hung out for all those years.

 Wednesday, February 13I took a few pictures, and work continues on the bowl.  On Flickr, I add photographs and now date them for easy tracking.  And I will get a better picture soon of the west side--as you can see, the picture on the left here competed with the late-afternoon sun.

Tuesday, January 29:  Work continues apace on the renovation.  The expansion of the field is evident, and the dirt removed from the east side bolsters the west.  I enjoyed watching the process and will soon take photographs from the west side looking toward the campus, for that landscape changes rapidly.

Friday, January, 25:  As the preceding photograph indicates, work continues on the expansion of the field.  I understand that the "P" by the flagpoles will not return.  The trucks bring in additional soil to stabilize the area.

 Wednesday, January 23 I added some few shots to the collection of images this morning from the east side of the field and will include here a picture of the Oak Bowl from this side before the construction.

 I will return in a couple weeks, for when the soil gets evenly compressed, other parts of the construction will begin and the new facility will develop rather quickly.

On Thursday, January 17, I ventured over to the Oak Bowl to take some photographs of the transformation.

I enjoyed a long conversation with an engineer about the challenges the soil presents and then talked with Scott Pistorius, the construction superintendent for the Kiewit Building Group, the firm that builds the new facility.

Over the next months, I will every so often get over to get more photographs as the new facility takes shape.  For now, the ground has to settle. 

I posted a few photographs and will add to this blog page and to the photographs as the process continues.