Monday, May 7, 2012

PSC 2012 Commencement

Commencement for Peru state College took place on Saturday morning, May 5, and on a stunner of a day.

I posted a few photographs at the Al Wheeler Center and then quite a few after the formal ceremony when everyone gathered on campus for a post-commencement celebration.

As the photographs clearly indicate, everyone enjoyed the sun, company, food, and music, a fitting way to conclude a successful school year.

Congratulations to all the graduates. 

Spring 2012 Concert Band and Concert Choir Concert

Last Sunday, April 29, the Concert Choir and School Bands performed for a large end-of-the-season show, and an excellent one.

You can see photographs from the concert on either Flickr (good for downloading favorites) or  on Facebook.

I recorded a couple numbers from each group for your enjoyment.  First, the Concert Choir sings "Choose Something Like a Star," followed by two numbers, "No Mari," featuring Yusheng Li on clarinet, and the ""Take Me To the Water."

Robert Frost Poem:

"No Mark" and "Take Me to the Water":

The College Band also provided the audience with an uplifting and challenging selection of music, beginning with Alfred Reed's "Millennium III" and concluding with "Of Sailors and Whales:  Five Scenes From Melville" by W. Francis Mc. Beth.

You can watch all of "Millennium III" and two Sections, "Queequeg" and "Ahab, from the scenes from Melville's Moby Dick that feature the narration of Josh Young, Director of Theater at Peru State College

Millennium III

Queequeg and Ahab

Friday, May 4, 2012

Peru Visits Peru Again

The Sheriff and I at Cotty's

Crystal Beer, Sponsor of Peru's National Soccer Team

Flavio (top left) and Jorge (bottom left) plus Logan and I

Bill Clemente, Jack Whistler, and Logan Mertz

On Sunday, March 11, Logan Mertz, Jack Whistler, Karl the Sheriff, and I spent eight hours helping film a commercial for Crystal Beer, a popular Peruvian brew that serves as the major sponsor for the Peruvian National Soccer Team.

While 'el equipo inca' has not reached the World Cup for quite a number of years, hopes run high that this team will qualify for the World Cup in Brazil in 2014.

So the team generates considerable enthusiasm in Peru, leading the coach of the team
to announce that all Peruvians are members of the team, including, as matters turn out, one of us who took part in that great "documentary" made last March here in Peru, and which has drawn over two million hits and continues to win major awards.

And, of course, the video's sensational popularity resulted in my trip with Logan to Peru this summer sponsored by a popular television station in Lima--the trip got featured on Peruvian television.If you have not seen these videos, just go to the previous links and enjoy the fun.



At any rate, we four "characters" featured in the documentary now got invited to join
the Peruvian Soccer Team. 

And the exciting, stunning, and artistically wonderful commercial aired on the night of 4 May. 

Although Sheriff Karl got selected, a superb choice, I will count myself a member of the Peruvian National Soccer Team until El Mago  tells me "no way, causa!!"
As one of my Peruvian friends noted, if I got into better shape, El Mago just might put me on the team as an alternate!

I posted photographs  and a video from the making of the commercial; alas, the battery went dead on the movie camera before we got to all the drinking!

And a couple weeks ago, a television crew came here to film a short one year after the famous video show; just look at my Peru and Peru Appreciation Day blog entry for photographs of that event and follow the links, one of which leads to the fun television spot that drew nearly seven hundred new friends to my Facebook page.

Who knows what will happen next! 

On May 8,  Peruanosenusa Lajuerga posted a new video compiled from many of my photographs from the past year "with" Peru.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

2012 Alpha Chi Induction Ceremony

New Alpha Chi Members, President Dan Hanson and Elaine Hanson

This year's Alpha Chi Induction Ceremony took place in the beautiful Fine Arts Recital Hall on Sunday, April 30, at noon on a beautiful day.

Over fifty people took part in the short and elegant ceremony, and we all enjoyed the reception afterwards, as the collection of photographs from the event make clear.

As they have in the past, Dr. John Hnida and Mara Giles took an active role in the ceremony.

Kimmy Miller, the Student Delegate to the Peru State College Delta Chapter of Region IV, also helped and talked with everyone about her experiences at the most recent Alpha Chi Convention in Baltimore this past March.

And as they have since their arrival at Peru State College, President Dan Hanson and Elaine Hanson played an important role in the event.

To thank them for their work with Alpha Chi and for their shared commitment to both academic excellence and service, the high ideals this society upholds, the Alpha Chi National Council awarded both by making them Honorary Members of Alpha Chi.

Next year, the Alpha Chi National Conference will take place in Nashville.

In recent years, Alpha Chi members have gathered in Indianapolis, Little Rock, and San Diego.

17 Newly Inducted Members of Alpha Chi
Newly Installed Officers of Alpha Chi: Mary Johnson (front), President; Matthew Hanson (back), Vice President; Alicia Umland (middle right), Treasurer; Anna Manley (middle left), Secretary. Student Representative (Not Pictured), Brandi Edmond.

As of very early May, the following 35 people have become members of Alpha Chi in 2012.

A total of 41 people eventually chose to join this excellent fellowship of scholars.

Sarah Waldron
Lieb Twilla
Mary Johnson
Sarah Mathewson
Shawnna Silvius .
Brent Craig
Alicia Umland
Natalie Vogt
Shontelle Gillespie
Mary Noriega-Rezai
Susan Tangen
Kent Marburger
Jamie Short
Sally Goodell
Tabetha Jurgens
Anna Manley
Angie Conner
Danielle Prchal
Marshall Joy
Charles Cover
Deborah Trecek
Darlene McPherson
Jennifer Riege
Janet Sobczyk
Erin Buri
Cindy Everett
Matthew Hanson
Heather Grossman
Talia Cole Cole
Susan Springer
Patricia Sedlacek
Scott Oldfield
Joshua Kay
Jennifer Trapp
Jacob Buss