Friday, April 29, 2011

Bingo Night at Belle Terrace


Tuesday night, I drove to Tecumseh for a what turned into a wonderfully entertaining evening, "Remember When..."

The Freshman Fusion Experience students--and I will eventually get all their names--gathered in the preceding photograph organized this community-service event at Belle Terrace, an assisted-living development.

The group asked me to take photographs, which I collected; give the slide show from the event a look.
Kristi Nies called out the numbers for the evening's entertainment:  Bingo.  The students and Elaine Hanson took part in the fun.

I liked in particular the decorations, including cardboard images of John Wayne and Marylin
Monroe, both popular with the residents.

As the slide show and the following images suggest, we all enjoyed ourselves, and I will return next Wednesday to show bird pictures and talk more with the folks there. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Bill Snyder Retirement Address

On Friday, April 22, an enthusiastic audience form the Peru State College Community gathered to listen to Dr. Bill Snyder's perspective on forty years of service to this institution.

A dear friend to many, including me, Bill offered for 90 minutes multiple humorous anecdotes and experienced-backed admonitions related to this institution he has served with love and energy. 

He has taken great joy from his teaching and profoundly affected the lives of many, including me.  

I will miss him greatly next year, and not just because I can no longer count on free tea in his office or in front of the library.

I posted images from the event, trying to capture some of the energy, intensity, and humor Bill's students and friends will always remember.

Enjoy the photographs and make sure to shake Bill's hand and give him a hug. 

Oh, and Bill Snyder will certainly return for next year's homecoming parade, for the Student Senate named him Grand Marshall.

Denis Plutalov in Concert

On a beautiful Wednesday evening, April 25, in the Peru State College Theater, Dr. Denis Plutalov, gifted the college community with a wonderful recital. 
Last year, Denis earned his PhD from UNL and has for the past few years played piano for Misty Blues, Honor Choir, and the Concert choir.

I posted photographs for Denis and everyone of this special evening.

In addition, please listen to the three videos posted--ones that Denis has already linked to the Russian version of Face Book!

The first video includes parts of "Moonlight" Sonata.  And I also posted the entire performance of  "Variations on a Theme by Corelli" by Sergei Rachmaninov:  Part One and Part Two.

I hope that you enjoy the stirring music by a great friend of Peru State College, Dr. Denis Plutalov.

Peru State Appreciation Party

For the second year in a row, Student Senate and Cab sponsored Peru State Appreciation Day.

Students, Staff, and some Faculty members came down to Cotty's to enjoy the the beautiful day, music, and food.  

CAB and Student Senate members dished out a few hundred wings.  

I always enjoy this fitting thank you from Senate and Cab for the hard work the entire Peru State College community does every year. 

And as always, I took quite a few photographs of the fun.  Enjoy them.

Senate Awards Banquet


On Sunday, April 17, the Peru State Senate held its Annual Awards Banquet in the Student Center.

Vice President Becky Collins and President Elizabeth Zito, pictured on the left with my co-sponsor of Student Senate, VP Micki Willis, hosted the banquet. 

Among other things, including good food, the evening acknowledges with cords Student Members who will graduate; and with  Certificates of Appreciation all senate members, and even me, their Faculty Sponsor.

The photography link provides multiple images for downloading and shows each of the members receiving his or her certificate.  You might also enjoy this series of photographs that document other Student Activities, including their bi-annual road cleaning along Highway 67.

The evening also acknowledged the president and vice president for next year, Elizabeth Zito and Dan Perkins, pictured on the right.

I look forward to working with them.

The banquet features two special awards given by the Student Senate, the Scroll and Service Award and the Barb Lewellen Award.

This year the Scroll and Service Award went to the well-deserving Dawn Plympton.

And for the first time, Student Senate awarded the Barb Lewellen Award to two members of the Peru State Campus community, Dr. Bill Snyder, and Brenda Trail.

Student Senate members and sponsors congratulate all the PSC community members nominated and this year's winners.

PSC Men's Pageant


As part of the Spring Fling Festivities, CAB asked me to take some photographs at the PSC Men's Pageant.  

I had hosted a few years ago, the Men's Beauty Context and enjoyed this assignment equally as much.

Judges Elaine Hanson, and John and Devin Young Young had no easy time choosing among the five categories, for each of the five contestants did an excellent job, from have arm hair ripped off, to the spirited Michael Jackson (for of) review pictured on the left. 

Other acts include singing, Kung Fu Balloon Tying, and some kind of Elvis character who sand a couple songs of which you would not want your little sister to hear.

Well, as the photographs point out, we all enjoyed the talent portion and the question-and-answer portion of the program. 
And our hosts for the show, Tomas Horky and Kallan Garber,  kept all the acts moving along, which required no small amount of talent.

And somehow the judges picked the following winners:

Mr. Bootyucious, Spencer Woltemath

Fourth-Runner Up, Kalena Rodero-Workman

Sean Patrick Lawler, Third Place

Adam Lee Jeanneret, Second Place

I add for your further enjoyment, a few of the pictures you will find in the slide show.