Thursday, November 21, 2013

ICCL in Panama Part Two (Thursday)

Thursday got off to another quick start at the University of Panama.
And I attended the morning sessions, both just excellent as was the case pretty much all the presentations at this rewarding conference.
I was pleased to hear my friend Swift Dickison's discussion of Lamming and the "Tempest" and the other three presentations in this group. 
The photographs from this busy day include pictures from these
two impressive sessions and the other events, including a post-lunch address by Melva De Goodin from the University of Panama and a trip to the Panama Canal.

After yet another good meal, Melva De Goodin treated us to a discussion about Afro Caribbeans who worked  on the Panama Canal and their depictions in a number of works by Caribbean writers and musicians.

I captured around twenty-minutes of Goodin's address and post two videos from the talk:

Part One:

Part Two:

Quick Trip to the Panama Canal

After Melva's presentation, we all gathered and took a not-quickbus to the Panama Canal, for the week-day traffic in Panama City and surroundings areas moves with glacial rapidity.

But no complaints, for I welcomed this first look for me of one of the world's great technological wonders.  And the canal continues to expand, with new construction underway.

Owing to our tight schedule, we spent around an hour at the canal, turing the museum andwatching a couple ships enter the locks.  I also enjoyed the Egrets, Pelicans, Magnificent Frigates, and a flock of Black-bellied Mexican Ducks.

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