Tuesday, November 24, 2015

One Act Plays

Last Friday, November 20, afternoon at 2:00, I enjoyed and took photographs at A Night Of One Acts in the Fine Arts Recital Hall.

The student actors put on a wonderful show, so I am most pleased that I happened by, having gotten dates and times mixed up.  Yes, the term's conclusion approaches.

The afternoon performances kicked off with The Hardy Boys and The Mystery of Where Babies Come From, a title I must have missed in my youth when friends and I consumed Hardy Boys' novels.  

Christopher Durand wrote the script directed by Devon Denn-Young.

 PSC students Chloe Langford and Amanda Burk wrote and directed the second play, Beard Water,  a Dada adventure.



Senior Day and the Final Football Game of 2015

The final football game of the year (Photographs) proved the most exciting context of the 2015 campaign.  

Peru prevailed against Benedictine with a 38-yard field goal as time ran out.  The final play erased a huge Bobcat mistake earlier in the game:  a fumble as PSC attempted to score from within the ten-yard line resulted in a 91-yard recovery return that quieted the fans.

The final-second win left the Bobcats with a record of 7-4 for the 2015 campaign.  Congratulations to the coaches and the players for doing so well in a tough league.

Pre-game ceremonies featured Senior Day celebration for those football players whose careers concluded after that wonderful field goal.

And at halftime, four of my former English students visited me in the press box:

From left to right, Randy Mayberry Stott, Bradley J. Dorenkamp, Cam Pentland, and Ann Mornin Frink.  

Welcome back to all of them.  What absolute fun!

Many thanks, too, to the excellent crew members with whom I worked this year to help keep statistics for the games.  I just might bother them at basketball games.


Homecoming Football and the Crowing of the King and Queen

The events of the previous day and Saturday morning activities included Tree Planting, the  Reunion Banquet for the Thirty and Fifty Year Alumni, the Toughest Mile, and the Parade and Campus Events.

Homecoming culminated with the football game, a win for PSC, and the first homecoming victory is some five years.  All very exciting from the press box where I worked as usual with the statistics crew; we enjoyed a fine time watching the term secure the victory.

At halftime, I walked down to the field to photographs the crowing of the Homecoming King and Queen, which proved exciting for me, for an English Major got elected Homecoming Queen, Chelsea Turek.

And I have enjoyed photographing the new king, for he sings and dances with the Peru Prestige.

Congratulations to all members of the Homecoming Court, including Ryan Christensen, another English Major.

Enjoy the photographs from this memorable event.  And congratulations to the PSC Student Senate and everyone else who helped organize Homecoming.




Sunday, November 22, 2015

Parade, Party on the Quad, Ribbon Cutting, Homecoming 2015

Homecoming and the activities associated with the event always keep me busy, and this year was perhaps the most busy over the past twenty-two years I have gotten involved.

Friday before the game, I took photographs at the Tree Planting Ceremony and that evening attended
the receptions and banquet for the thirty- and fifty-year alumni who made the trip to PSC, many for the first time since they graduated.

For the first time, I got up earlier than usual on Saturday and took pictures at the Toughest Mile competition.

After enjoying not having to run in the race--and one darn tough mile the race is, including the gut buster--I headed to my station near the Bank of Peru to announce for the twenty-first time the Homecoming Parade.  

As usual, I enjoyed myself thoroughly at the parade and then at the quad for the festivities that included the ribbon-cutting ceremonies for the new entryway to the college and the newly renovated TJ Majors.

Check out the photographs from the wonderful fun on an increasingly sunny day. 

Next, the Homecoming Game.

Tree Planting for New Entrance to PSC

The new-entryway project moves along.  The formal dedication took place at Homecoming, October 31.

When completed, the road to the college from the Highway 67 turnoff will sport, along with new sidewalks and lights, over a hundred trees, many of which already got planted.

And student organizations at Peru State College got in the act with considerable enthusiasm.

From PSEA to the Black Student Union, many groups gathered with the tree experts and planted a variety of trees sponsored by the groups.  I got pictures of all the groups, and you can view them with the photographs from the event.

 Soon enough, the entryway will be stunning and only become more beautiful as these trees grow, adding to the collection  The Campus of a Thousand Oaks offers.