Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Return to Oregon

In early June, Linda, Cary and I went to Oregon, my first trip there since defending my dissertation at the University of Oregon twenty years ago this May.

Linda, Leah, and I flew from Denver, CO, where our children now live--I visited them this past March--to Portland, OR, and drove our rental car to Cannon Beach, famous for Haystack Rock pictured above and in scenes from The Goodies; Kindergarten Cop; and Point Break's conclusion--you can see Haystack and the Needles in the background during a storm.

I loaded a series of photographs from the trip, one that focuses primarily upon places visited, including two trips to the coast, and another series of shots that concentrates in the main on family, including my mother, whom Cary and Leah finally got to visit. They also got to meet their Uncle John and Jeannie (my youngest sister) and their cousins Cary and Sarah, pictured on the left.

I also enjoyed my first visit to the University of Oregon campus in over twenty years, since I defended my dissertation. The campus has changed a great deal; however, some things remain pretty much the same, including the Fish Bowl, scene of John Belushi's famous food fight, pictured on the right, from Animal House. You will recognize the place from the You Tube video.

I enjoyed, too, an excellent Dungeness Crab from the fish market, still in operation, at which I used to buy crabs and other sea delights, especially during the final year of my work at the university.

We also ate at Mo's Restaurants in both Lincoln City and at Florence--see the photograph at the top of this entry. What
fun to enjoy once again Mo's famous clam chowder.

One the way to Florence, Linda, Cary, my mother and I enjoyed a ride along the beautiful Umqua River. This scenic ride also included a visit to Loon Lake, a few miles from the Umqua River and a beautiful area at which Linda and I used to camp and fish.

We will return again to Oregon next spring.