Thursday, June 11, 2015

Boo Bash at PSC

Well, once again I had the pleasure of taking pictures for Boo Bash.

Dan and Elaine Hanson hosted the gathering, and many students worked hard once again to make the event a success for the surrounding community.

Stationed at the president's house to take pictures of the children with the Bobcat, I did not get to the other stations.  A couple hundred people got candy and said hello to the Bobcat, and I posted pictures of most of them, 150 photographs in all.

Show Choir Festival, Fall 2014

Everyone who attended the Fall 2014 Show Choir Festival enjoyed a good time over the two days.  As the photographs illustrate, many high schools, from Auburn to Omaha, performed.

The Peru Prestige performed twice, and you will find two videos here, one from each day of the festival.

I also uploaded a video of the Auburn High School's performance.  The video features here and there Rich and Deb Clopton's son Ellis.