Monday, December 30, 2013

PSC Graduates Return for College 101

After three years of College 101, I did not teach the section for Language Arts and Social Science majors this past term.

Sara Crook took charge of the class, but  I took part in a couple of the class ventures, including a trip to the Bess Streeter Aldrich house and museum.  

I also helped organize a campus visit by Joe Starita, author of I Am a Man, a book the students in the class read.

To conclude this term's section of College 101, Sara invited five PSC graduates to talk with the freshmen about their experiences as undergraduates and post-college careers.

Two of the graduates previously visited campus to talk about their careers.  Cory Reiman, a Language Arts major and now lawyer, visited campus in late-November of 2012 to talk with the campus community about his experiences when he ran for Congress.

And in February of the same year, Todd Gottula,
also a Language Arts graduate, spoke with Dan Holtz's Senior Seminar about his career.  Since that time, Todd changed jobs and now works for the University of Nebraska-Kearney  where he serves as Director for News and Internal Communications.

Another former English major, Doug Kerns, also a lawyer in Lincoln, added to the discussion, along with two other graduates:  Lisa Kovanda, President of the Nebraska Writers Guild, and 2009  graduate in History,  and Jeremy Kirkendall - Curator of the Kregal Windmill Factory in Nebraska City.

In addition to posting a few photographs from the event, I also created a video in which each of the visitors talked with the students:

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