Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring 2010 At Home and On Peru Trails

Last year, I posted some Spring in Peru photographs and do pretty much the same now before my departure tomorrow morning for Ripon, WI.

I got out on the Trace Trail more frequently this spring and so managed more photographs of the sculptures, including the one of the right of what looks like a face--I joke with folks that I am become the Cliff
Claven of the Trace Trail.

While checking out the "Old
Ogre of the Trail," I once again found right below the "face" what looks like a very old sculpture, perhaps something Roland Sherman created years prior to the ones along the memorial.

Who knows.

Deb Clopton joined me a number of times. Increasingly beautiful flowers adorned the tails, from the Columbine and Purple Phlox in the photographs to the Daisy Fleabane White Aster, pictured on the right.

I begin a collection--to which I will add over the summer--of
Wild Flowers from Wisconsin and Nebraska.

Insects and Snakes also greeted the walks, including the agitated Rat Snake and the attractive butterfly pictured here:

This spring on the Trace Trail also featured familiar face, the baby Great-horned
Owl I see pretty much every year and the young Barn Owl that flew out of a small cave in the sandstone cliffs close to the Great-horned Owl's nest.

Anyway, as the following image indicates, my awakening the rapidly-maturing owl did not win any approval, for the bird elevated its wing and made all manner of warning sounds. After taking the photograph, I walked away, much to the youngster's approval.
Activity in my backyard included Indigo Bunting, Baltimore Orioles, Red-breasted Grosbeak, and others, including the beautiful Yellow Warbler featured at the conclusion of this posting.

All told, an excellent spring.

I wish everyone a grand and wonderful summer.

Soul Specimen at Shooter's

On Thursday night, May 6, an enthusiastic crowed turned out at Shooter's in Peru, NE, to celebrate the semester's conclusion with Soul Specimen.

As the photographs indicate, everyone enjoyed a festive night of excellent music.

Dr. Pat Fortney on Bass, Phil Chinske on Drums, David Norris on Keyboard, and Dr. John Hnida on Guitar entertained for hours.

And owing to a combination of fatigue and idiocy, I managed to create a mess of two numbers I had hoped to post; however, you will enjoy Soul Specimen's version now published on You Tube of the popular Bill Withers song "Use Me."

I will record more of their work in the future, perhaps as early as this summer.

Alpha Chi Induction Ceremony

May 2, 2010, on a beautiful spring Sunday, Peru State College held its annual Alpha Chi Induction Ceremony.

This year, a record 52 students accepted the invitation to become a member of Alpha Chi, and 16 students attended the elegant ceremony held this year in the Live Oak Room of the Student Center in front of a crowded room of proud parents, spouses, fellow students, and friends.

You will find photographs from the ceremony posted on line; feel free to download individual photographs or the entire album in one click. Or watch a carousel slide show of the event.

To learn more about Alpha Chi visit the organization's web page. In addition, take a look at the information from the 2010 conference in Little Rock on this blog and the Alpha Chi Convention Report.

In my role as Chapter Sponsor and Alpha Chi National Council Member, I conducted the induction with the help of my colleagues Dr. Spencer Davis (History) and Dr. John Hnida (Biology).

And this year Peru State College's new President, Dr. Dan Hanson, took part in the ceremony.

Underscoring the college's successful on-campus and on-line programs, this year's members pursue degrees not only in Nebraska, but also in eleven other states and Canada.

The beauty and elegance of the ceremony always impresses me, from the multi-
colored candles to the society's motto, "You shall know the truth, and truth shall make you free."

I was especially pleased to see perhaps the largest crowd the ceremony has ever attracted, a fitting way to honor these scholars, and on a day of exceptional beauty.

This year, the following students will serve as officers for the PSC chapter: President, Mary Van Winkle; Vice President, Rachael Marion; Treasurer, Lori Juhlin; Secretary, Lisa Sanders; and the Student Representative will go to this year's National Conference in San Diego in March 2011.

Alpha Chi Officers with Dr. Spencer Davis and Dr. John Hnida

This year, Alpha Chi inducted the following 52 students:

Nebraska: Michael Anderson, Roca; Alexis Comstock, Auburn; Letti Connelly, Lincoln; Jamie Crouch, La Vista; Katie Dorsey, Lincoln; Julie
Dygert, Omaha; Jenna Epp, Plymouth; Brad Eychner, Bellevue; Mark G. Forster, Lincoln; Kaylie Frederick, Falls City; Jacqueiline Gregory, Martell; Ron Hemenway, Lincoln; Lori Juhlin, Lexington; Jennifer Keffer, Bellevue; Nathan Kellar, Omaha; Melanie Leseberg, Lincoln; Douglas Lierz, Lincoln; Carol Malcolm, Falls City; Rachael Marion, Auburn; Andrea Marker, Ayr; Elizabeth C. McKim, Humbolt; Arlan Meints, Steinauer; Shawne Nelson, Omaha; Susan Reynolds, Bellevue; Angie Rosenthal, Omaha; Lisa Sanders, Lewiston; David Simonsen, Wayne; Jay Shonerd, Beatrice; Rhonda Stacey, Bellevue; Carrie Trecek, Bellevue; Mary Van Winkle, Kilgore; Amy Werts, Humbolt; Arlin Williams, Union; Melissa Wright, Bellevue; Korey Young, Norfolk

Alaska: Erin Haida, Juneau

Georgia: Sarah McFarland, Lwrenceville

Indiana: Grant Beloat, Mt. Vernon; Dorthy Evertts, Anglola; Carol Walton, New Albany

Iowa: Amanda Mulholland, Norwalk; Michael Tackett, Glenwood

Kansas: Heather Calvert, Topeka; Brenna Dooley, Topeka

Minnesota: Daniel Norte, Owatoona

Missouri: Nichole Daugherty, Rock Port

New Jersey: Nicole Bendik, Ocean

Pennsylvania: David Marks, Palmerton

Elizabeth Jones, Benbrook; Tom Piefer, Fort Worth

Washington: Julie Coatney, Tumwater

Canada: Craig Greenwood, Kingston, Ontario

Congratulations to one and all.