Monday, May 1, 2017

Indian Cave Spring Festival and Arbor Day at The Keeping Room

As I have for the past multiple years, I arrived at Indian Cave State Park at 8:00 in the morning to begin my contribution to the annual Spring Festival.

And as has happened for more years than I care to remember, rain fell and temperatures dropped throughout the 5 and 1/2 hours of my stay.

But despite the chill, enthusiastic youngsters--including the park ranger's daughter pictured
above--and parents visited my station in the tent. I conducted a variation of my Feathers and Verses presentation, giving out photographs and coloring material while playing bird songs for those interested. 

We all enjoyed a lot of fun in the wet chill. 

And on Friday and Saturday, I went to my Arbor Day presentation at The Keeping Room in Nebraska City, a wonderful place to enjoy lunch and look at (or purchase!) some beautiful antiques and other offerings.

I send special thanks to Kelly Bequette for inviting me back. 

This time around, my presentation included video and photographs from my night last year spent in a blind along the

Platte River where I viewed  with Dan Holtz Sandhill Cranes at the Rowe Santuary; in addition, I showed a short video and photographs from my Greater Prairie Chicken adventure with Linda at the Big Blue Ranch.

Then for the first time, I shared a hundred or so photographs of Florida birds--oh, and Manatees.  

I posted a collection of photographs from Indian Cave and the Keeping Room.

I enjoyed sharing and talking about the images and look forward to the next Arbor Day and hope for better weather.