Monday, December 30, 2013

Madrigal Dinner

Salute the Seniors!

On Friday and Saturday, December 6 and 7, I attended the Madrigal Dinner celebration of music and color.  A medieval-themed annual festival, the event is one of the college's premier cultural events.

This year, I created three sets of photographs.  

This first set from Friday features both photographs of the dinner and and numerous shots of the performances, from the addition of the PSC Recorder Ensemble to the new opera, "Same or Where."

The second set contains various set shots taken after the meal.  And the third set includes a variety of photographs taken throughout Saturday evening.

In addition to nearly two-hundred photographs, I also created a number of videos from the fanfare that underscore the wonderful talents of the Madrigal Singers.

The following video includes a look at the dinner's newest feature, the PSC Recorder Ensemble, a duet, and the Madrigal Singers' beautiful invocation for the evening.


 For this year's production, Tom Ediger created a new opera, Same or Where.  The following two videos capture for your enjoyment pretty much the entire opera:

Opera Part One


 Opera Part Two:

And the final video from the two evenings of celebration highlights
the Madrigal Singers voices at the evening's conclusion.  

The video includes four songs, two of which Tom Ediger's colleague, Emily Davidson, wrote for the singers, "God Rest Ye Who Procrastinated" and  "When First I Saw Your Facebook Feed":


I hope that you enjoy the photographs and the video.  Remember that you can with considerable ease download large files from Flickr, where I posted the pictures.


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