Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hall of Fame Dinner 2015

1996 Championship Softball Team
Cory Catterson
Kristi Herman
Ron Kelley
Tom Shea

All the winners and more populate the photographs I took from the dinner.  As always with these events and the photographs posted, feel free to download and use the images as you like.

Coach Mark Matthews, who arrived here the same year I started, some twenty-three years ago, celebrates at the Hall of Fame Dinner in this video one of Peru's greatest softball teams.

In addition to Mark's comments, I also recorded the remarks by three of the stars of the 1996 team and will add their names later.  What fun to watch these friends, many of whom had not seen one another for twenty years, start up right where they left off:  more than a little fun to behold.

New members Cory Catterson, Kristi Herman, and Ron Kelly address the audience:

Coach of the PSC Bobcat  NAIA National Championship Football Team, Tom Shea, shares some of his memories and thoughts:

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

SOAR in Aurora, July 7 and 14

On July 7 and again on July 14, I served as one of the featured presenters for SOAR, sponsored by the Prairie Plains Resource Institute in Aurora.

As the photographs suggest, the the students learned about a dozen or so birds, including Prairie Chickens, including their songs.  They
all also colored birds of their choice--and with the colors that appealed to them.

SOAR--Summer Orientation about Rivers--offers a broad range of educational programs.  And I was thrilled to take part in this year's fanfare.

On July 7 (Once I figured out just where the event took place in Aurora) and again on July 14, I offered four twenty-minute programs and enjoyed myself considerably.

The folks at the Prairie Plains make important contributions to the people of Nebraska, and I hope to take part in the program in the summer of 2015.

I especially enjoy working with Amy Jones, Bill Snyder's energetic and wonderfully organized daughter.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Boo Bash at PSC

Well, once again I had the pleasure of taking pictures for Boo Bash.

Dan and Elaine Hanson hosted the gathering, and many students worked hard once again to make the event a success for the surrounding community.

Stationed at the president's house to take pictures of the children with the Bobcat, I did not get to the other stations.  A couple hundred people got candy and said hello to the Bobcat, and I posted pictures of most of them, 150 photographs in all.

Show Choir Festival, Fall 2014

Everyone who attended the Fall 2014 Show Choir Festival enjoyed a good time over the two days.  As the photographs illustrate, many high schools, from Auburn to Omaha, performed.

The Peru Prestige performed twice, and you will find two videos here, one from each day of the festival.

I also uploaded a video of the Auburn High School's performance.  The video features here and there Rich and Deb Clopton's son Ellis.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Eagle Days at Squaw Creek

Despite uninviting weather--freezing mist--I traveled on 6 December to the annual Eagle Days at Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge, generally a pleasant place to visit.

The number of folks who visited the refuge impressed me, as did the number of Bald Eagles and other birds, from hawks to swans.

Unfortunately, the rather dark and relatively frozen conditions did not make for easy photography, at least for me.  

I posted some photographs from my spin around the refuge.

Great Plains Chamber Winds Concert

On  the evening of 7 October 2014, the Great Plains Chamber Winds Orchestra  (photographs) returned to PSC to  perform in the Fine Arts Recital Hall.  

The group dedicated the concert to honor the late Dr. Tom Ediger.

In addition, Peru State College's Yuscheng Le joined the orchestra for a number that featured his beautiful clarinet.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Plum Creek Literacy Festival, 2014

Last spring, Dr. Dan Holtz and I applied for a student enhancement grant and took students to western Nebraska, to Chadron, for a three-day road that featured the state's literary and natural history.

This past spring, Dr. Gina Bitner and I applied for a similar grant to take Education and English students to the Plum Creek Children's Literacy Festival.

Circumstances precluded Gina's joining us, so I drove a van from Peru to Steward and the gathering at Concordia University that I have attended many times over the past twenty or so years.

The grant included the afternoon banquet, a shirt, and two books for each of the eight students.

All the students got autographs from the many authors and illustrators in attendance, including keynote speaker Rosemary Wells, J. Patric Lewis, Nick Bruel, and Jack Gantos, all multiple prize-winning authors of children's literature.

Our day began with a presentation by Twyla Hanson,  Nebraska's State Poet, who last February gave a reading at Peru State College, her first official reading as the state poet.

We all enjoyed such a good time that Gina and I will apply for another grant to take students to next year's Plum Creek Literacy Festival--a big one, for the festival celebrates its 20th year.