Sunday, September 18, 2016

Beautiful Day on September 17 but a Bobcat Loss

What a beautiful day for a football game, and we enjoyed a busy afternoon in the press box where I enjoy helping keep statistics for the game, putting my birding binoculars to use. We all thought that the Bobcats would come out ahead late in the fourth quarter.

The game also featured the coaches' support for funding the fight against Muscular Dystrophy. And at halftime, the youngsters from the cheer camp performed with the PSC cheeleaders.

In addition, PSC athletes from Volleyball, Golf, Baseball, and Basketball received Heart of America awards for their athletic and academic success.

So, a full day at the Bobcat Bowl.

As always, I enjoy walking around with my camera before the game and at halftime. And as usual, you can find all the photographs from the day on my Flickr page. Download what you like.

Oh, and my Harvey Pekar doll appeared here and there.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Great Plains Chamber Winds At PSC

Tuesday evening at 5:30 in the Fine Arts Recital Hall, The Great Plains Chamber Winds entertained an appreciative but small audience for 90 minutes.
This concert marked the sixth time this exceptional group visited the college.

I posted photographs on Flickr from the evening and uploaded a couple videos for your further entertainment. 
I divided the two videos in a most unimaginative fashion:

Great Plains Chamber Winds PART ONE:


Great Plains Chamber Winds PART TWO:

Enjoy the music and the photographs, especially if you were unable to attend and listen to these talented people:  Larry Dietrich, Sue Hraban, Scott Ziegler, Linda Mannering, Marty Gardner, and Anne Sheedy Gardner.


Sunday, September 11, 2016

Joyce Brabner Visits Peru State College

Peru State College and the Creative Writing Series presented Joyce Brabner on September 19 and 20.

Special thanks go to PSC graduates Sam Atkinson  and Dawn Plympton for moving me in this direction. In addition, miracle-worked Brenda Trail and VPAA Dr. Tim Borchers played important roles.

On Monday and Tuesday, September 19 and 20, award-winning comics writer and political activist Joyce Brabner visited Peru State College and gave four presentations on campus. I posted some photographs.

Married to American Splendor author Harvey Pekar for over twenty-five years, Joyce is a political cartoonist most recently recognized for her graphic novel Second Avenue Caper for which she earned a Lamda Award. 

This comic/graphic novel focuses on personal accounts of the AIDS epidemic in New York City during the 80s.

On Monday morning at 9:30, Joyce visited with my Comics as Literature Class in CATS 205. Her presentation focused on her life and work with Harvey, especially Our Cancer Year, a Harvey-Award Winner.. 

Joyce appeared regularly in American Splendor and collaborated with Pekar on Our Cancer Year, a moving and disturbing account of Pekar's second bout with lymphoma, the cancer that eventually led to his death in 2010.

Focusing on Second Avenue Caper and her other work in comics that includes Real War Stories, Joyce Brabner  also talked at 2:00 in the CATS Conference Room about the power of comics as a vehicle for social and political protest and change.

On Tuesday morning at 9:30 in AV Larson 114,  Joyce visited Sheli Petersen's Graphic Design class. For this presentation Joyce spoke in more general terms about crafting comics and the dynamic relationship between words and images. 

Joyce also took an interest in PSC's Pride students and stopped to talk with them after lunch and prior to her requested visit to the Freshmen Studies class I teach.

I teach the College 101 class for History and English majors. Kelli Petersen brought her College 101 students, Art and Music majors, to my room for Joyce's talk.

Joyce's presentation pretty much combined the four majors, for she read from her comic Activists. The first story, "What If,"  documents how banned rock music played a role in the rise of democracy in Czechoslovakia when in 1989 the writer Václav Havel became president of the country. 

She read another story from Activists focused on the Civil Rights movement. "Firebrand," a true story, focuses on Prince Edward County, VA, and the fight organized by a young black student named Barbara Johns  to achieve equal schooling for the segregated school districts.

In the following short video, Joyce Brabner reads from both stories.

For further information about Joyce's current activities and interests, check out her interview with Jillian Steinhauer.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Dedications of Park Avenue Project and Evangel VS PSC

Yesterday I photographs my first PSC Foundation event of the Fall Term, the Park Avenue dedications of The Douglas Entrance Plaza and the Rodney P Landeberg Memorial Walkway, some final and important parts of this beautification and safety project.
Some minor touches remain, but the entrance road to the college looks stunning.

The memorials honor the work of Rodney Landeberg and Jud Douglas to bring the project to completion.

I look forward to photographing the evolution of the Delzelle and PSC Theater projects now in the works.

I took special pleasure from the fact that Linda is here full time; she retired after 31 years at Ripon College. We sold the house in Ripon, WI, and bought a home in Auburn, NE.

After the dedications, Linda and I walked to the football stadium, and I, as usual, took some
photographs along the way and then at the game. You can see the full collection of shots at my Flickr page where, as always, you can download large files.

Always fun to help with statistics when the team wins, this time 42-10 to avenge losses these past two seasons. So the Bobcats move to 2-0 early in the season.

Halftime ceremonies included a baton-twirling group of four high-school students  and the Bert Swenson Awards for athletic excellence. 
This year, the awards went to Shannon Liewer (Volleyball) and Corday Sims (Basketball). 

Fun, too, to see alumni pep-band members on a beautiful evening on which we all had a good time, even the bats that arrived as the sun set.