Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Common Birds and the Trace Trail Videos

Over a year ago, a member of the Nemaha County Natural Resources District, a group that manages the Trace Trail, asked if I would make a video about the entire trail for the NRD's web page.

Last July, my wife and I drove to Peru and biked for two days on the trail, allowing me to get summer images, for I spend summers here in Ripon, Wisconsin, and had never visited the trail during the time the college is not in session.

My past efforts with respect to the trail focused on the area around Peru and created a video from my photographs of the Roland Sherman Memorial; I also try to keep my blog entry about this area and the trial updated.

This summer I completed the video that includes photographs of various spots along the Trace Trail between the trail heads in both Nebraska City and Brownville.

Published to You Tube, The Trace Trail: Bridges to Nebraska Nature and History features in just under five minutes my photographs and the voice of my colleague, Dan Holtz, who sings about one of Nebraska's icons, Old Jules. All combine to celebrate this beautiful area and the wonderful recreation it provides

In addition, I created another video, Common Birds of Nemaha County and Their Songs, also available for viewing on You Tube.

This past spring, members of the Nemaha County Development Alliance approached me about making a movie about birds of the area for the civic group's web page.

The seven-minute video includes photographs of twenty-eight common and beautiful birds of Nemaha County and their diverse songs.

I am pleased to make the videos available to everyone and flattered that the two groups that work so hard to support tourism in Nemaha County asked me to create them.

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