Monday, December 30, 2013

Thanksgiving in Peru

Wednesday Morning, a Good Sign
Cary, Linda, and Leah

As they did last year, Linda drove to the farm house from Ripon, WI, and Leah and Cary visited via Denver and Boulder, CO.  Felt good to have three white cars at the house, and with beautiful weather.

On Thanksgiving, Bill Newman joined us for dinner with Tom Ediger, who once again prepared a superb meal, this time featuring prime rib from Kansas City. 

We brought wine, and Linda prepared a yam dish about which she had heard wonderful things.  

Well, as the photograph on the left indicates, the dish was less than popular with the group. 

We all enjoyed a wonderful time with Tom, as the photographs indicate, and at Linda's request, he played piano for us all, capping a delightful time in Nebraska City. 

All three left Saturday morning, but on Friday we dined at the Nebraska Brewing Company, just as we did last year.  The owners joined us, and they and Cary, who works at Avery Beer in Boulder, CO, exchanged beers, the brewery thing to do.

But before they all left, Linda got to enjoy a new experience, feeding one of John Crook's cows an apple, a first for her.   

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