Monday, April 25, 2011

Lima Comes to Peru

De Peru For Peru Video Wins Major Awards!

When I returned from the Alpha Chi National Convention in San Diego, I thought that I had missed the film crew from Lima about whom someone had contacted me weeks before.

The April 2 article in the Lincoln Journal Star about the sharing of food and music over the weekend reinforced my feeling that I had missed out on a lot of fun, including such antics as a Llama coming out of the Peru Post Office pictured in an article that appeared in the Omaha World Herald on 17 April.
Well, the Tuesday before that latter article, I had spent a couple hours with Cindy Gonzalez, the reporter who penned the 17 April article because I had gotten to know the film crew.

As matters turned out, my colleague Dan Holtz informed me that the Peruvians remained in town.

I had the pleasure of watching and talking to them for most of Monday and a good part of Tuesday. I enjoyed myself thoroughly, for they all made me feel a part of the crew.

And what fun, from world championship tarp surfing in the commuter parking lot to a wrap-up party with Peruvian singers and the national drink at Shooters.

I posted a series of photographs from the visit. Part One takes place on Monday and includes images from sequences filmed on campus and involving students, many of whom earned 50.00 for their involvement in the fun.

And Part Two concludes the visit, concentrating on some tarp surfing and the celebration at Shooters leading to the final "cut."

As these images of shared music and fast friendship underscore, the visit lessened the distance between Lima, Peru, and Peru, Nebraska.

Among other things, the visit included a mock pep rally in the Wheeler Center and the gift of Peruvian literature to the Peru State Library.

I got to take part in the fun, from a bit of zany tarp surfing to a crazy interview with a popular Peruvian actor and comic, all about the location of Machu Picchu in Peru--Nebraska, of course.

I am in touch with directors Flavio Pantigoso and Richardo Maldonado. They will send me soon a video of Peru State and the area, shot from a helicopter (Peruvian red, of course), which will get linked here. And that video is now ready for your enjoyment.

The fifteen-minute video, "De Peru For Peru," made from hours of recordings from their visit will make everyone chuckle and then realize we have some wonderful friends in South America.

A version with English subtitles also got published. The video creates great buzz in Peru, where the crew got a five-minute ovation when they showed the video to government officials.

And, of course now I want to visit Peru, where at least a few people enjoy this blog about our own Peru now known to our friends in South America.

On Sunday, May 8, Cindy Gonzalez, journalist with the Omaha World Herald, wrote a follow-up article after the documentary went viral.

As of this afternoon, 13 May, the video continues to attract considerable attention and has over 600,000 hits. And on 18 may, Flavio sent me word that the most important advertising video-magazine of the world now features De Peru For Peru.

On Tuesday afternoon, May 11, the day before I left the summer with my wife here in Ripon, Wisconsin, I spoke briefly with a television crew from Lima, Peru, in Peru, NE, to check out the source, as it were.

They did not know about my blog and so talked for a bit about Tarp Surfing--but the real attention fell on Logan Merz, who sang on the video and who has become quite a star in Peru.

In fact, his song--with subtitles in English and Spanish--gets featured in this segment of the documentary. And the rising popularity of the tune in Peru finds reflection in this exciting recording of "SOLD," in which Behind the Fire, the band in which Logan plays, performs with a group of Peruvian musicians.

And add this article featured in Now Nebraska about Logan Merz's song and his band Behind the Fire.

A message on Facebook on May 16 took me to a "Behind the Cameras" look of the documentary's creation, including a brief look at my learning to pronounce Machu Picchu with the help of one of Peru's leading comedians, Gonzalo Torres.

And on Sunday, May 15, the following story appeared--Punto Final--on television in Lima after a two-person crew from the station traveled to Peru, NE, for a follow-up story about the popular video:

On June 6, Keven Abourezk of the Lincoln Journal Star wrote another article about the Peruvians' visit, "Peruvian Commercial Filmed in Nebraska Goes Viral." The article includes a couple photographs from my collection.


ricardo said...

Very nice articke Bill! We are finalizing details on our edit and should be on the air within the next 2 weeks. The shots of Peru State from the air look fantastic. I should have those posted for you soon as well.

Ganzua said...

Muy bueno algún día iré a Peru Nebraska, saludos desde San isidro Lima.

Anonymous said...

I liked the video a lot , and I would love to visit Perú in Nebraska bringing the warmth and cordiality from the people from Lima Perú. I hope this was the first step to a brotherhood between both places, you're already in our hearts.

Anonymous said...

The video is out, just look at It is great!

Anonymous said...

muy bonito saludos Perú.

Alan said...

Saludos de un peruano que vive en España!
Greetings from a peruvian who live in Spain!!!


Here´s the link of the peruvian video made in Peru, Nebraska :D

Andrick said...

Greetings from Lima-Perú, the video is great and is on all the peruvian media.

etasayco said...

Please, you can see this video:

with the report of Perú in Peru!!

Anonymous said...

I am Peruvian living in Canada. I think people from Peru,Nebraska are nice and friendly. Greetings to all!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed a lot this video. Peru, NE such a beautiful place and its people very nice and friendly. you can learn more about Lima, Peru. visiting (english version), also recently PBS release a documental about Machu Picchu "Ghost of Machu Picchu", you will enjoy it. greetings from Annapolis,MD. arriba Peru !!!!!

Anonymous said...

i like so much!! thanks to the people of peru,. nebraska..!im peruvian living in valencia(spain).
im proud to have same people nice who cheer the friendly and the name
gracias a todos los peruanos de usa.nebraska y muy buena para todos los nacionales peruanos.
saludos de willy-chaqueta-valencia

victor lau said...

Thank you Bill for the wonderful pictures of my fellow country men and women. I felt very proud watching the video and I'm very glad you guys got to learn a little about our culture and what it means to be peruvian. Check out my tshirt line fulled with peruvian pride as well:


Daniela said...

Perú is everwhere and everywhere where there're peruvians.

- una peruana en Amsterdam.

Anonymous said...

I am from a farm outside Lawrence, KS, about 2.5 hours south of Peru, NE and I currently live in Lima, Peru. My roommate works for the ministry of tourism and did some initial design of the video and has worked on the Peru brand. Knowing both worlds, I was so moved by the video and the people of Peru, NE. I think your community looks like home and the people are warm and friendly. I think the video does both communities justice and you have made me proud to be a fellow Midwesterner (though I am stil a Jayhawk) Good for you Lima, NE. Next time I am home, I plan on popping up for a visit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill for your post.
Thanks Peru, NE!
Thanks y´all for lending us your town, friendship and time!
Y´all can come down and visit anytime!

I am from Peru and enjoyed watching this video. I´ve had many a friend come down to Peru and enjoy what you guys did. Friendship, food, culture, fun and adventure.
If any of you are ever in Huancayo, Peru, drop me a line I´ll be glad to show you around.


Carolina Contreras said...

Hola!, no tenía idea de que existia un lúgar llamado Perú en Nebraska, ahor que lo sé... me resulta tan, pero tan hermoso; Se ve que hay gente linda por allá, se les ve muy amables, me gustaría ir a visitar su "Perú". Les dejo muchos saludos, yo soy Peruana, y ahora me siento más orgullosa de serlo. Un fuerte abrazo desde Lima.

Hi, I had no idea that there was a place called Peru in Nebraska, now that I know ... I find it so, so beautiful, you see people are nice there, they look very nice, I like going to visit his "Peru. " I leave many regards, I am Peruvian, and now I'm more proud of it. A big hug from Lima.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I'm from Lima, Perú and i must say that i felt really happy to see that we were bringing a little piece of our culture to your Peru, and that despite the distance and other little differences, we could relate to a very superior level.
I would like to visit your Peru as much as i wish for you to visit us sometime :D
i hope my wish will come true :)
hugs from Perú :)

Laughing In Peru said...

It's nice to see that even in a small town in the USA the people are genuinely interested in other cultures and peoples. I really miss that attitude living here in the country of Peru.

You will not find that openness in Peru where a truly outdated and even colonial attitude exists (which died out in Europe and North America sometime before World War II) about "promoting" Peruvian culture as the best and ignoring or shunning any alternatives.

This attitude does nothing to advance the country of Peru out of the grips of an outdated nationalism. Peruvians should learn from this great town in the USA and begin learning about other cultures instead of living in a bubble and constantly repeating how perfect everything is in Peru.
Maybe then people in Peru could enjoy things like lemons and chestnuts or be exposed to other cuisines. It is next to impossible to get any authentic foreign cuisine in Peru.

Peruvians are constantly bombarded with propaganda from the media about how perfect, how great Peruvian culture, food, etc. is. Obviously if people think everything is perfect they won't bother to try to change things for the better. The only people they are lying to is themselves.

Anonymous said...

My dear friends, don't be surprised by bad people as "Laughing In Peru", because this person is not Peruvian, notes his bad intention, and to try to convincing us he uses the flag of Peru and I found that he just open his blog which is empty like its mind and heart.

K said...

I would like to say thanks for a warm welcome you did to my people. Now that you are Peruvians too, I want to invite you to visit our country. You are more than welcome.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for welcoming my people in Peru, Neb :) This video is currently the talk of town in our country! Be prepared for heavy traffic in this blog entry in the following days :) the video has almost 100,000 views in 2 days and many many Peruvians have the link in their Facebook pages. Come soon to our country, we will welcome you with the same open arms you received our Perú cultural ambassadors :) Te esperamos!!!

Anonymous said...

If you want to see the video in english version, please go to youtube and copy and paste this: Marca Peru (with english subtitles)

Jimena said...

Hi Bill... very nice article.
Here is a version of the video with English subtitles...

I hope you enjoy it until the official English version is released :)


Griseille davila said...

my mom was the first person to see this documental in the family, i couldn't believe her, i couldn't quite get the idea of there being a PERU, NEBRASKA out there ! wow i was shocked & thrilled when i saw it with my own eyes, and yes you guys are in all your right to eat delicious food from our country peru, notice i said OUR ! peru, nebraska is also our home. our second home :) hope you guys enjoyed every bit of it, i would love to comunnicate with anyone from peru, nebraska !

from; Griseille Davila, proud to be PERUVIAN :) ARRIBA PERU !

Anonymous said...

It was kind interesting seeing DINA PAUCAR play in such a small venue. You guys are sooo lucky. She usually plays to tens of thousands in stadiums and to thousands state fairs back in Perú.

To have been able to listen to hear up close let me tell you guys that alone was worth the whole thing.

Also many thanks for the warmth and the friendship you showed our compatriots. To those that think you guys came out badly portrayed ... NOT AT ALL, if anything we thank you for putting up with everybody while the filming took place.

Viva Peru Carajo said...

This video made me cry. It is so nice to see these poor people have finally been exposed to our superior Peruvian culture. They have finally tasted food with real flavor. As Gaston Acurio always says Peruvian food and culture will conquer the world! Unfortunately there are many people who are very jealous (sour grapes) but they know down deep that Peru and its food, culture and music is better than any other. TE AMO PERU! VIVA MI QUERIDO PERU the best country on earth.

Anonymous said...

@ "Viva Peru" I know you are a Chilean dumbass. Seriously man, get a life.

To those that do not know, chileans and Peruvians have had a rivalry since an 1800's war. Ever since, chilean envy pops up in the darnest places an in the darnest things. So sad.

CarlosB said...

I really wanna visit Peru, Nebraska just to say hi and meet cool people :). Cheers from San Borja, Lima, Peru :D!

Ricky said...

U guys better start making plans for July 28th cause I'm sure you'll have a LOT of visitors, or may I say a lot of "folks"?

Great site...! I hope you guys come around here (to Peru Southamerica) and visit us, you are peruvian celebrities already...!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Lima Perú. I enjoyed watching Peru, NE from the air (listening peruvian folk music and then i guess, the Peru NE anthem). We'll be happy to have you guys here soon. ¡Viva el Perú! - Go Peru!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to ask: I'm curious; do they really painted the accent over the "u" of Peru in the water tower?. In the pic it seems a Photoshop thing :)

Esmeralda DS said...

I live in California, and I'm so proud to be Peruvian, and so grateful that we could bring part of our culture to our brothers and sisters from Nebraska.

Esmeralda from California said...

I know that you are in Lima, Peru now, I hope you enjoy it a lot. Don't forget to try for breakfast: "Pan con chicharron" delicious,......
Good luck in Machu Picchu, drink lots of Coca tea, (don't worry without chemicals is just a regular herbal tea)........

jairzlr said...

Hi Bill! I've just seen a report in Peru's channel 9 about your trip in Cuzco and Machu Picchu. It was really moving and exciting. Hope you can come back to my country soon!

Di said...

Hola Bill!!!

You rock peruvian body... You are in all the new 'on!!! hehehe I see you had a great experience while in Lima and Cuzco, there is a LOT more to know in Peru... and we are very greatful to have you guys... Thanks for coming and being part of us!!!

Diana V.

Saira said...

Hi, I'm from Lima, Peru and have just watched the report about your visit to Machu Picchu. It's great you've been to this, your second home and that you've enjoyed it so much! We are Peru/Perú! Now we're one! Tu causa, Silvia xxoo

jairzlr said...

Bill, we all are already waiting for your pictures in Perú :) said...

Hello Bill:
waiting for your pictures in Perú :)

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501 Avenue Montaigne,75008 Paris-France
Paris-France.Bentex Funding Group Ltd (BFGL)

Unknown said...

¿Estás buscando asistencia financiera de algún tipo? Somos un privado
firma de préstamos que proporciona todo tipo de préstamos / fondos para todos aquellos que
deseo de ayuda financiera. Si está interesado, por favor denos su opinión con
monto del préstamo necesario y el propósito del préstamo, así como el pago
período / marco de tiempo que necesita el préstamo.

Contáctenos para un préstamo a través del correo electrónico

Sr. Ahmed Ibrahim

Avit Investment said...

Private Lender Bentex Funding Group Ltd.
Greetings to you by (BFGL).
We are a France-Paris based investment company known as Bentex Funding Group Ltd working on expanding its portfolio globally and financing projects.

We would be happy to fund and invest with you in any profitable project if you have any viable project we can finance by making mutual investment with you. If you are interested, kindly contact us for more details.
Looking forward hearing from you soonest.
Yours truly,
Mrs Rose Larsson.
(Personal Assistant)
Bentex Funding Group Ltd(BFGL)
501 Avenue Montaigne,75008 Paris-France
Paris-France.Bentex Funding Group Ltd (BFGL)

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