Saturday, March 11, 2017

Calvert Elementary School in Spring 2016

Each Spring--and I fell over a year behind with my Around Peru Blog and aim catch up and keep up--I look forward to attending Calvert Elementary School in Auburn, where I now live.
Students in Gina Bitner's class work for weeks with fifth graders at the school on creating a picture book.  Generally, each of Gina's college students works with a student at Calvert Elementary.

On the day I visit the class, everyone gathers to receive their individual books, the product of their long collaboration.  
The celebration includes cake and the chance to read and share their imaginative creations.  
A special day, to be sure, and one none of the students from PSC and Calvert will soon forget.

Peru State Theater Company Banquet, May 2016

At the conclusion of an unusually busy spring term last year, 2016, I spent a Saturday morning at the annual Spring Festival at Indian Cave and that afternoon at the Keeping Room in Nebraska City--there I gave presentations to adults and children
about birds, something I will do again this Arbor Day Weekend.

Anyway, that Saturday night, I attend the Peru State Cheater Company Awards Banquet. 
Looking over the pictures from the evening collected on Flickr, the number of students who graduated after taking part in drama productions over the past many years startled me.

All that excellent talent.

And some of the same students continue this year in the play productions--alas, I have not gotten to as many functions as I would like, owing to my own at times crazy schedule.

The highlight of the event for me came when I received an award for my own participation in the Theater Company events, recognition that means a lot to me.

Foodball Awards Banquet

One of the many enjoyable activities in which I devote time is serving as spotter for the home football games, something I have done for some twenty-four years. We find a way to make keeping statistics a heck of a lot of fun.

And at the Annual Football Awards Banquet, I get to see, as it were, the numbers from on the field--though, in fact, I know many of the athletes from classes.

As the photographs underscore, everyone
wears a smile at this event, included the invited guests and the obviously proud parents, friends, and other relatives who attend the event.


Career Fair 1017

Whenever I can--and the schedule has worked for the past couple years--I visit the Career Fair, usually between classes.

This year, the fair took place on as usual in the Wheeler Center but rather in what strikes me as more intimate space of the Student Center. 

As the photographs gathered on Flickr indicate, quite a few people took advantage of this year's Career Fair.

Here representatives of an impressive variety of businesses, from the military to law enforcement, from graduate programs at PSC, to the Sandhills Press, gather and talk with students and other interested folks from the surrounding area.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Staff Appreciation Night at Basketball Games and Business Contest 2017

A couple weeks ago, I attended and took photographs at two events, the annual Business Contest and Staff Appreciation Night at the final basketball games of the season. 

I posted pictures.

The Business Contest brings high-school seniors from the surrounding area to Peru State College to take part in a variety of competitions.

In the morning before class on 15 February, I visited a variety of sites that took part in the activities in which Professional Studies staff, students, and professors take part.

This year something especially fun happened. The students in the following pictures, seniors from Tarkio High School, remembered me from when Chet Harper and I entertained them with Green Eggs and Ham when they were in first grade. 


The next Wednesday, I attended the final basketball home games of the season that featured the Pep Band, a variety of awards, and Staff Appreciation Night. 

This year might mark the first for Staff Appreciation Night, and I enjoyed seeing folks at the game. 

See the photographs.