Monday, December 30, 2013

Brain Quest

Gina Bitner, one of the the organizers of Brain Quest, sent me the following note:  Just a heads-up that tomorrow, Friday the 22nd, is Brain Quest!  This is the 17th Brain Quest event (started my first semester here! J) in which we have impacted well over
1,800 students in providing hands-on math and science FUN!

A few hundred students from area schools visited the Campus of a Thousand Oaks to take part in a number of events that mix education and entertainment in imaginative ways and that engage future teaches from the college with area third graders.

As I have done in the past, I spent a couple hours with my cameras at the festivities and uploaded 70+ photographs of the students and the soon-to-be student teachers at the various rooms that featured various exercises.

These exercises combine Science and Math with fun, from seeing what happens to various objects in a microwave--the DVD disk is my favorite--to creating volcano lamps (tie-dye sixties fun) and a variety of measurements, including the cost of items at a grocery store.

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