Monday, July 11, 2011

Bill and Logan to Peru

Logan Merz and I took advantage of an adventure of a lifetime when a Peruvian television station offered us an all-expenses-paid trip to Peru, all in response to the famous "documentary" filmed in Peru, Nebraska.

PERU UPDATE: In Buenos Aires this fall, the crew who created the video in Nebraska, Marca Peru, earned a prestigious award for their work for best creative commercials in South and Central America.

See the television coverage by the same wonderful folks who brought me to Peru this past summer--and the program also includes coverage of this trip as well. On August 1, Rafael Robles Olivos sent me a link to his article in AS (Asiasur) Magazine about the exchanges over the past months between Lima, Peru, and Peru, Nebraska. I love the title: El día que Perú conquistó Peru," "The Day that Peru Conquered Peru."

Click on the title of the journal to view the entire magazine--just click until you reach the article. And the title of the article takes you to the article itself.

The journal contains more photographs from both visits; I am flattered because Rafael used my photographs for the article.

I posted quite a bit of material about that visit that includes both photographs and links to a variety of videos.

Here, you will find posted an introduction, for I will eventually add separate pages for each of the five sets of photographs and will link them here.

Photographs from Our Trip:

Part One: Lima (71)

Part Two: Cusco (87)

Part Three: Machu Picchu (201)

Part Four: Sacred Valley (134)

Part Five: Lima (31)

The Television Program from Lima:

Part One

Part Two


Anonymous said...

There are no limits or boundaries between Peru,NE and Perú. We are bond by one feeling and one name forever. Because we are all peruvians for the world. Thanks for sharing this Bill, cheers from Perú.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful are a great peruvian embassador! ... Now I know new aspects of my country through your eyes.. kind regards from Lima, Perú,

Lucho said...

Great stuff. One questions, right above the comments it says PArt 1, Part 2, ..., Part 5, but there are no links, did you forget them? Just wondering.


Peru Andean Valley said...


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