Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Prestige and the Show Choir Festival

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, I got over to the PSC Theater to watch the Peru Prestige perform as part of this year's Show Choir Festival.

I think that this year marked the 39th iteration of this cool festival that brings high school students from all over the area, including Omaha.

Circumstances did not allow me to attend the high-school shows, but I did get to see two performances by Peru Prestige and take some photographs.

The first video features the the first two songs in the Peru Prestige show:

And the second video captures the final two songs of their show:

Enjoy the music and the pohotographs


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fall Choral Concert at PSC


On Sunday afternoon at 3:00, I attended the Choral Concert at the PSC Theater, A Taste of America.

Enjoy the posted photographs--also on Facebook--from the event. 

The Chamber Choir began the evening, and I recorded a couple of their pieces.  In the second, PSC seniorconducts the Chamber Choir.

The Chamber Choir sings "Inscription of Home" by Z. Randall Stroope in the first part of the video.  And in the second, Michael Casavant conducts the choir in their rendition of "O Mistress Mind" by Matthew Harris.  The second song features a solo by Emily LeCleir.

Derick Pounds, Casey Myers, Emily LeCleir, and Michael Casavant.

After the Chamber Choir completed their part of the show, PSC Students Casey Myers, Emily LeCleir, and Derick Pounds sang songs that earned them honors in the NATS competition.

The Concert Choir rounded out the musical afternoon, and I recorded a couple of the numbers:  The Last Words of David by Randall Thompson and The Wheel That Moves the Sun and the Stars by Eric William Barnum.

Boo Bash 2015

For the past five years or so, I have taken part in the popular Boo Bash programs Peru State College and the town of Peru organize for safe Tricks and Treats.

Each of these years, as happened again this past Sunday, October 25, I take photographs of the
costumed who pose with the cuddly PSC Bobcat. 

Many of the very young, however, head south as soon as the Bobcat extends his paw.  Others love to sit near or on the mascot's lap.
As always, I uploaded to Flickr many photographs for those who took part in the fun to enjoy. 

This year's stations included fun stops at Morgan Hall, Delzele, and Peru's City Hall.  The youngsters kept me so busy from 5:00-7:00 that I did not have an opportunity to visit the other sites.

Enjoy the photographs, the costumes, and the smiles.



Friday, October 23, 2015

Mole Day at PSC

What better way to spend a rainy Friday morning at 11:00 than watching lots of explosions and things catching fire.  

I loved the igniting suds in the preceding pictures.  On the upper right, Dennis Welch and one of his chemistry students prepare to blow up an egg, fun for all ages, to be sure.

We all enjoyed the explosive hour in Hoyt 104 and outside the building where, among other things, Daryl Long put pieces of sodium in water with predicable results.

I uploaded lots of photographs from the event, the first I have gotten to in a couple years.   Dennis and the Chemistry students always put on a great show, colorful as well.

And who would not want to watch "The Evil Ghost in Hell" or "The Screaming Gummy Bear"?    Clearly an excellent example of better living through Chemistry

Well done to all involved and to all who attended.

Check out Mole Day from a few years ago to see a bit of video.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Spring Festival at Indian Cave State Park with Feathers and Verses

As I have for a number of years, in the Spring of 2015, I returned to Indian Cave State Part for the annual Spring Festival.

 I always enjoy this event and generally remain at my station in a big tent along with carvers, Blue Birds Across America,  and the  Raptor Recovery folks for six or more hours.

This spring, however, after four hours or so, the clouds opened up, forcing any number of folks into the tent to enjoy their lunch at picnic tables the organizers moved into the tent.

Still, starting with an annual run and, now, pancakes, everyone enjoyed a good time.

And I got to talk with youngsters and adults about area birds.  

For the first time, I also ate the catfish lunch, steaming and wonderful on a chilly and wet spring day.  As the photographs indicate, The spring festival offers fun and variety for all ages.