Thursday, December 20, 2012

Six Years of Blogging Fun

During the December 20 Blizzard before the world's end, I went through the many videos I have uploaded since I began this blog some six years ago.

Some of the numbers startled me, and so I share the results.


Peru State Theater Company Presents No Sex Please, We're British, April 2010 (20,905)

Big Noise from Winnetka, Jazz Band, May 2009 (9,946)

When The Kids Get Married, October 2008 (8,943)

My Cup Runneth Over, October 2008 (6,779)


The Kerry Dance, PSC Concert Choir, February 2011 (5,698)


Throw the Yule Log on Uncle John, Madrigal Singers, December 2009 (4,508)


Piano Extravaganza, April 2008 (3,331)


Woman in Black Trailer, Peru Theater Company, November 2009 (2,690)

Leader of the Pack,  October, 2008 (2,549)

Crystal Beer, We Join The Peruvian Soccer Team, and Peru, NE, May 2012 (2,506)

Misty Blues Sing Jelly's Jam, February 2008 (2,016)


Roland Sherman Memorial Area,  October 2007 (1,798)

Jazz Band and "Car Wash," April 2009 (1,393)

Main Street in Nebraska City, Barbershop Quartet, March 2012(1,384)

Honor Choir Sings "The Kerry Dance," February 2011 (1,306)

Frank Meeink Speaks at Peru State College, October 2010 (1,244)

The Misty Blues Sing Jambalaya and Coffee in a Cardboard Cup, February 2008 (1,212)

Courtly Airs and Dances, May 2009 (1,133)

Misty Blues and "Iko Iko," October 2008 (1,120)

Green Eggs and Ham with Chet and Bill, March 2008 (1,107)

The Glass Menagerie, April 2009 (1,063)

Kenneth Meints, Trombone, October 2008 (1,056)


Roland Sherman Memorial Area Again, December 2007  (967)

Japanese Prints (Robert Jager) PSC Band, December 2008 (933)

Concert Piece Op 88, Ediger and Meints, February 2010  (910)

First Home Football Game, September 2009 (900)

Peru Color Song, May 2011 (882)

PSC Pep Band and Cheerleaders, August 2008 (879)

Sum Guise, February 2008 (867)

Zombie Attack at Peru State College, October 2010 (823)

Peru State College Song, College BandFebruary 2008   (812)


Handful of Keys, Misty Blues, May 2009 (788)

Them Changes, Peru State Jazz Band, December 2008 (777)

Denis Plutalov. Rachmaninov. Corelli Variations, April 2011 (760)

Peru State College's Misty Blues, February 2009 (702)

Snow Geese at Squaw Creek,  March 2008 (689)

Bonfire and Homecoming At Peru State College, October 2009 (669)

Scarlet Ibis in Trinidad, November 2011 (658)

Misty Blues' and "Tonight's The Night," October 2008 (639)

Dancing at Museum of Guanabacoa, Cuba, November 2011 (635)

Pep Rally 2010 Peru State College, October 2010 (568)

Peru from Peru in the Air, Mary 2011 (550)

Marcus is Walking, Peru Theater Company, October 2010 (524)

Peru State Concert Choir: Fall Choir Concert, November 14, 2010 (522)


Strictly Peru State College Ballroom Dancing, December 2012 (479)

Denis Plutalov, Piano, February 2009 (470)

Marci Malone De Ambrose, October 2008 (463)

Gladys Kravitz at the Zoo, October 2008 (447)

Eli's Coming, Misty Blues, October 2009, (438)

Misty Blues And "It Had Better Be Tonight," April 2009 (419)

Peru State College Jazz Band: In The Air, October 2008 (416)

Peru State College Jazz Band, Jan 11, 2008 (410)

I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General, Fortney and Ediger, Feb 2012 (410)

Dr Seuss Fun, February 2009 (404)

Peru State College Choral Concert : Beethoven's "Hallelujah," February 2009 (402)

Show Choir Festival Fun at PSC, October 2010 (402)


Denis Plutalov. Beethoven. Moonlight Sonata, April 2011 (370)

Calvert Elementary, Feathers and Verses, March 2010 (363)

Birds of Nemaha County, June 2009 (362)

Martin is Walking Part One, October 2010 (348)

Peru State Madrigal Singers: Song of Fife and Drum, February 2008 (347)

Escape the Fire Plays"Natural High," September 2009 (347)

Momoro Ono, Piano, April 2010 (343)

Tom Ediger and David Edris: Concertino for Trumpet and Orchestra, November 2009 (342)

Concert Etude, Ediger and Edris, February 2010 (337)

Denis Plutalov. Rachmaninov. Corelli Variations, April 2011 (336)

Eusebio Leal Spengler Part One, Cuba, November 2011 (336)

The Trace Trail: Bridges to Nebraska Nature and History, July 2009 (327)

Gladys Kravitz ONE at the Zoo, October 2008) (325)

Honor Choir sings "America the Beautiful," February, 2101 (319)

Soul Specimen plays "My Baby Caught the Train," November 2009 (314)

The Woman in Black, a Ghost Story, November 2009 (310)

PSC Madrigal Singers, West Side Story, April 2010 (309)

IAFA In Orlando 2008, May 2008 (301)

Concerto for Trombone, Ediger and Meints, November 2011 (301)


Band Concert 2009, December 2009 (299)

Ted Harshbarger Gets a Do, September 2009 (294)

The Last Words of David, PSC Concert Choir, November 2008 (285)

Boo Bash At Peru State College, October 2010 (285)

Gladys Kravtiz Plays "Won't Get Fooled Again," September 2009 (279)

Honors Choir Again, February 2009 (277)

Sonata Francais, Edris and Ediger, February 2012 (277)

IAFA 2009, March 2009 (267)

Momoro Ono: Left-Handed Brahms, April 2010 (267)

Madrigal Singers on Broadway, April 2009 (256)

Common Birds on the Trace Trail, February 2008 (251)

David Nieves: Light the Torch for Reptiles, September 2009 (251)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Madrigal Dinners at Peru and Nebraska City

This year, the Madrigal Dinner offered two gala events, Friday, December 7, at Peru State College and then, as the group did last year for one night, they performed in Nebraska City at Catron Camp.

I loaded three sets of photographs from the fun:  

  • Part One:  Friday night performance at Peru State.
  •  Part Two:  Posed photographs after the Friday show.
  • Part Three:  Saturday evening show at Catron Camp.

In addition to the photographs, I uploaded a couple videos.

The first comes offers Kazoo Fun from Saturday:

And the second includes three short sections and some photographs from this year's opera about Where: 

Enjoy the colorful images and the films.


End of the Semester with Student Senate and College 101

Madrigal Singers Perform at President's House

 Student Senate Christmas Dinner

College 101 Group Projects

The final two days of the term proved both  busy and fun.  

Thursday afternoon, for example,  featured an excellent Christmas party at the president's house, and as usual Dan and Elaine Hanson organized quite a lot of tasty treats.  
And a few of the Madrigal Singers--taking a break from practice for Friday night's big dinner--provided entertainment, along with David Norris at the piano.

A bit later that evening, I joined members of Student Senate for a dinner at Micki Willis's house; Micki and I serve as advisors for this talented and dedicated group of students.

I collected a few pictures from the Christmas parties and direct you to the Student Senate blog page that highlights many of the activities the group organized over the first half of the year.  

Friday from around 10:45 to 12:00, my College 101 Class for Language Arts and Social Sciences joined with Ken Meints' class for the presentation of final projects for the term.

I describe these projects on my College 101 blog that features events over the course of the term and offer here links to the three my class presented:    

  • A web page devoted to journalist and author Joe Starita; the class read his book, I Am A Man.
  • A blog page inspired by "Nora and the Zombies," a short story by Andy Duncan, whose collection The Pottawatomie Giant & Other Stories the class read.
  • And a Facebook Group page that looks at the manner in which history and fiction blend in some of Andy Duncan's stories. 
The Art and Music group offered two very good Power Points about Peru State College and a video, through which the students argue for the need of a Designated Driver Program at PSC.  I hope to post eventually this video.

Fall 2012 Band Concert

Hoyt Street Jazz

Percussion Ensemble

Concert Band

On Sunday afternoon, December 3, in the PSC Theater, the college's Concert Band, Percussion Ensemble, and the Hoyt Street Jazz Band presented the college's Annual Fall Band Concert.

As usual, you will find a collection of photographs for downloading and entertainment from the afternoon's music, a wonderful way to slide into the final week of classes.

The Concert Band, directed by Pat Fortney,  entertained the afternoon concert crowd with a bit of Mozart that featured Yusheng Li as Soloist:


The Fall Concert offered something new this year, the PSC Percussion Ensemble directed by Ken Meintz:

And the Hoyt Street Jazz Band brought the musical afternoon to an energetic conclusion: