Friday, November 22, 2013

Final Full Day of ICCL and Fanfare




    And Old Panama on Saturday

      The final day of this wonderful gathering of scholars concluded with considerable and excellent fanfare, as the photographs underscore.

      Although I missed the morning session at the University of Panama, the remainder of the afternoon and into the evening kept my
      cameras busy and more busy.  And what a pleasure!

      Lunch teated us to a satisfying meal and yet another edifying talk, this one by Quince Duncan, Costa Rica's premier author in Spanish.

      Quince Duncan Part One:

      Quince Duncan Part Two:

      All became rather hectic after lunch, making sure that photographs and video got downloaded to the computer. 

       I did manage, however, to attend an excellent session in which three student from Morehouse College presented papers on Earl Lovelace, one of my favorite authors.  

      We all enjoyed an evening of excellent fellowship and
      entertainment to bring this year's conference to a conclusion.

      After the farewell speeches, we all enjoyed dinner, wine, and some superb performances.  

      I captured some of each of the performances for your enjoyment.

      Part One:  The Dancers

      Part Two:  The Diva


      Part Three:  The Band

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