Friday, October 12, 2012

Kappa Delta Gamma

Peruvians come to Peru, NE

On Saturday morning, October 13, I went to Nebraska City Middle School for a Delta Kappa Gamma meeting to talk about the Lima, Peru, Peru, Nebraska connection, which began in late March of 2011 and continues.  

I am most pleased to report that many in the group would love for me to organize a trip to Peru, South America.  What fun to show off the Peru-Peru Connection.

Given all that has happened, one must wonder what might happen next.

On this blog page, you will find links to other blog pages contained in this blog, beginning with  images and videos from the arrival of the original crew for the advertisement that went viral.  

And the links conclude with the creation here in Peru, NE, last May of a short television piece for a Lima television station about Peru, a year after the making of the famous commercial: 

In April of 2011, I created and added to a blog page devoted to the Peruvians visit to Peru, NE, and the making of the commercial--and the creation of on-going friendships.

Owing to the popularity of the commercial, in the summer of 2012, a Lima television station flew Peru State Student Logan Merz and me to Peru for a six-day stay that included Lima, Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and Machu Pichu.

The blog page devoted to the trip includes photographs from the trip (not available for now on-line) and the television program from out trip--which in the very recent past got deleted from You Tube, but I will look for the videos! 

My Peruvian friends found alternate links for the two parts of the program.  

Gracias Amigos Peruanos!

Part One:   

 Part Two:


But the Peru connection does not conclude with the television in Lima, I am happy to say.

 On April 20 of last year, a television crew from Lima came to Peru, NE, to film a short program about Peru One Year Later.  The blog page contains images--the crew took part in Peru Appreciation Day for the College--and a video of the television program, among other things.

And prior to the previous visit, on March 11, the same group that made the internationally famous original video return to Peru, NE, to make a Crystal Beer Commercial for the Peruvian National Soccer Team.  

I could not, however, publish photographs or images until the wonderful commercial aired on Peruvian Television.  I am proud to have taken part in this support for the Peruvian Soccer Team:

And the "Sheriff" of Peru, NE, became an instant hit in Lima when he and the others chosen gathered there for a soccer game.

The connection, as I indicated, continues, thanks especially to all my Peruvian friends on Facebook.

And so does the work of the production company that did the international-award-winning video a year and a half ago.  The team enjoys another huge You Tube hit with a  visit this time around to Italy.

And Flavio Pantigoso, who directed the famous Peru and Peru documentary, continues to win awards, making him one of the most decorated commercial producers/directors in Peru's history. 

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