Friday, August 30, 2013

Oak Bowl Round Three

September 23:  On September 12, I visited the construction site again.  And the picture at the top here comes from today, taken on the hill by Delzel of the emerging press box.

I also walked around the construction for a bit and took a few pictures here and there to mark the progress made.

Everyone was most pleased to know that the storm last Thursday that knocked down trees all over town did not afflict any serious damage to the Oak Bowl. 
I posted a dozen images from the recent trips.

Earlier this week, I took some photographs around the perimeter of the Oak-Bowl construction site.  

As you can see from the earlier photograph--probably from Monday evening--on the right, the roof for the new press box had not yet gone in.  

Two days later, a roof. 

On this Thursday, August 29, after the All-College Meeting and welcome back reception at the president's house, I walked
from my office to the construction site where I put on a construction vest and a hard hat.

As the photographs indicate,  I walked around, completing the rectangle, the Oak Bowl grounds and took a variety of photographs to suggest the considerable progress made since my last visit in May.

For comparison, look over the first two of the blog pages I created after construction began.   Part One and Part Two.

The previous two links follow the progress from January to May 2013.




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