Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dr. Jacob Bartlett Recital

On Tuesday evening in the Fine Arts Recital Hall, Dr. Jacob Bartlett gave a stirring recital.  Dr. Tom Ediger accompanied Bartless and played wonderfully.

As always, I published images from this excellent evening for your enjoyment.

I presently work on video from the evening, for those who could not attend last night's special event will want to watch the videos I will eventually upload to You Tube. 

Jacob Bartlett Part One:

Jake Bartlett Part Two:

Jake Bartlett Part Three:

Friday, October 25, 2013

Show Choir Festival 2013

On Tuesday and Wednesday, October 22 and 23,  Peru State College hosted the Annual PSC Show Choir Festival for the 42nd time with most of them organized by Dr. Tom Ediger.

Over the course of the two days of dance and music, numerous schools from the area performed in the nearly full Peru State Theater for an audience of peers and those interested from the college community.

After the performances, the festival's clinician, name here, offered them all helpful advice on how to improve their dancing and singing.  I enjoyed watching his friendly interaction with the students.

This year, a busy schedule kept me from filming any of the high-school performances.  I did, however, create a couple videos of the Misty Blues under the direction of Dr. Jacob Bartlett.

On the following video, you will see some video from when the choreographer visited Peru State and worked with the choir on their song and dance for the opening number that I recorded on Tuesday morning.

And on Wednesday morning, I returned to the Peru State Theater to take more photographs of the Misty Blues and to record their energetic rendition of The Boy From New York City, a song I remember from high school in Virginia Beach, VA.

I hope that you enjoy the videos and take a look at the slide show from the festival on Flickr, where you can also download large files.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Boo Bash Again

Boo Bash 2013
Sunday night from 5:00-7:00, October 27,  featured Boo Bash 4.  

And this year's event sponsored by Peru State College and the City of Peru met the high expectations the success of the past three celebrations established.

The following links will take you to the blog pages for the previous events that offer links to photographs:

Boo Bash One

Boo Bash Two

Boo Bash Three

As promised, you can download large files from the set of photographs I uploaded from Sunday's fun. 

In addition to the photographs at the Hanson's, the collection also includes a few shot of the decorated doors at Morgan Hall, where I ran into three mischievous elves.

I enjoy this annual excitement and always look forward to working with the dedicated students and other who make the event possible.  

When you see the students featured in the following photograph, thank them for their service to the college community. 

Lindsey Toman, Lexi Fudge, Bobcat, Jessica Johansen

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hall of Fame Game

President Dan Hanson, Bonnie Rutz Carlile, First Lady Elaine Hanson, Shari Paczosa Kucera, Brad Smith, Tamir Anderson Riley, Chuck Mizerski 

On the final play of the game, the Bobcats kicked a field goal and upended Culver-Stockton College, 31-28, avoiding the nail-biting double-overtime victory last week over Mid America Nazarene University.  
Fans and cardiac specialists across southwestern Nebraska hope for a less sensational victory next Saturday over Central Methodists University.

On a previous blog entry, you will find photographs from Friday's Hall of Fame Dinner and acceptance speeches from this year's newest members of the PSC Athletic Hall of Fame. 
Too bad we cannot count on that outcome.  And the Bobcat Nation will rest content with another victory for the 6-1 football game.  Feels great to write 6-1!

I enjoyed the dinner and the game a great deal.  The fact that I knew one of the inductees, Tamir Anderson Riley, as a student pleases me, reminding me of the fact that this year marks my 21st at Peru State College.

And that so many folks know of the Around Peru, NE, blog I find more than a little gratifying.  I am most thankful, too, for all the compliments about my chronicling of the Oak Bowl construction.

As usual, I posted photographs from the game, so enjoy a slide show and download as you like.
Watch this blog and Facebook this next week because, weather permitting, the crew will add numbers and the PSC logo to the carpet. 
I look forward to seeing everyone at the Homecoming Game and parade on 2 November.  That game will take place in Nebraska City against tough Missouri Valley College (currently ranked #6).

See you all at the  Homecoming Parade in Peru.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hall of Fame Dinner, 2013

Nieces of Bonnie Rutz Carlile, Tamir Anderson Riley, Chuck Mizerski, Shari Paczosa Kucera, Brad Smith

Congratulations to each of this year's inductees into the Peru State College Athletic Hall of Fame:  Bonnie,, Rutz Carlile, Tamir Anderson Riley, Chuck Mizerski, and  Shari Paczosa Kucera.

The annual Hall of Fame Dinner, always an exceptional evening,
took place last night in the dining area of the Student Senate.

I uploaded quite a few photographs from the evening.  Watch a slide show of this year's

inductees, former inductees, future inductees, and a most appreciative audience of family and friends both of the this year's inductees and of Peru State College.
And, of course, feel free to download any images that catch your eye.

I will also include video of the five inductee speeches.

You might also enjoy the blog page devoted to the Hall of Fame Game.

Her Nieces Accepted the Award for Bonnie Rutz Carlile

Shari Paczosa Kucera


Brad Smith

Tamir Anderson Riley

Chuck Mizerski