Friday, April 20, 2012

Bingo in Auburn

On Wednesday, April 18,  after the Peru Appreciation Day festivities, I went to Auburn, to the Long Creek Village Assisted Living Center.

There, at 6:30-7:30,  the Peru State College Freshman Fusion Program organized a Jazz Night celebration for the folks living at this beautiful facility--one of whom, Lester Russel, a former and long-time faculty member of Peru State College, I have known for nearly twenty years.

As she did at last year's function at Belle Terrace, Bingo Goddess Kristi Nies called out numbers to the competitive tables--Lester's group banned me from lingering around its table, convinced (perhaps rightly so) that I brought the members bad B12 luck.

I thank all the students for putting on such a worthy program, for everyone enjoyed an entertaining evening AND all the PSC prizes, from pillows to coffee mugs. 

The following photograph includes folks who either taught at or attended Peru State College:

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