Monday, April 2, 2012

Andromache at Peru State College

Thursday evening, March 29, the Peru Theater Company opened Euripides' play Andromache, concluding with a matinee performance Sunday afternoon in an uncomfortably warm theater on an unseasonably hot early spring day, with temperatures reaching 90.

Despite the discomfort, the actors brought the stage alive for the audience.

I took quite a few photographs on Wednesday evening's dress rehearsal and enjoyed the production and the
mise-en-scene--and the colorful costumes. The photographs appear in a set on, and you can download the images in a variety of sizes.

On Sunday, I planned to take video at the matinee performance but got mixed up, thinking that the theater doors opened at three instead of two. Tom
Ediger kindly reminded me that all the musical events on the weekend that I record begin at three.

Still, I apologize to the students whose excellent performances, especially
Xavier Gibson and Davina Andrews, my tardiness caused me to miss.

But I did film a few scenes from the play's conclusion for your enjoyment.

I will get my timing right for the next play and hope that you enjoy the video and the photographs from Andromache.

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