Friday, April 20, 2012

Peru and Peru Appreciation Day, 2012

This year's annual Peru Appreciation Day sponsored by CAB and Student Senate took place, 4:00-7:00, at Cotty's and featured at least four varieties of chicken wings and other goodies.

Peru State College's Improvisation Group, Who Asked You?, and the band Midnight Owls provided entertainment to go along with the fellowship and the food.

Last spring, a group, sponsored by Marca Peru, came to Peru, NE, from Lima, Peru, to film a documentary that went viral on You Tube and that continues to earn international distinction and awards--indeed, as you will see on the web page for this government agency, the group continues to feature the program filmed here in Peru, NE.
The blog page dedicated to this memorable visit contains links to many photographs and to the award-winning and famous commercial.
That video's popularity earned Logan Mertz and me a free trip to Lima, Cusco, and Machu Picchu last summer, visits that became a fifteen-minute television program in Peru about the trip. Check out the preceding link.

On Wednesday at 2:00, I got a call from the mayor's office that a group of four Peruvians had come to town to film a program about Peru a year after the visit.

The television broadcast of the Peruvians' visit includes many familiar faces; alas, they included my surfing accident despite promises not to do so--too difficult to resist the wipe out!


And as my video from the afternoon and evening entertainment indicates, students from Peru State took part in the fun with our Peruvian friends.

As the photographs from the Appreciation Day festivities suggest, all Peruvians enjoyed a wonderful afternoon and evening.

Student Senate and CAB thank everyone who helped make this year and this year's PSC Appreciation Day fun for all involved.

And our new Peruvian friends thank all of you for your Peru Appreciation Day hospitality and enthusiasm.

Tengo el orgullo de ser Peruano y soy feliz!


Peru Andean Valley said...

De haber nacido en esta hermosa tierra del Sol . Thanks Bill I appreciate every article where you talk about our Peru and its people : D

demosthenes Valera said...

happy for you, Bill, I left a messae for you in youtube. So check it over there...Say hi the peruvian man you are with...keep in touch and thanks for hosting all those four peruvians.