Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Saturday Morning at Indian Cave

Early Saturday morning, April 21, I headed to Indian Cave State Park at the invitation of Kristen Boos, PSC Graduate, who works part time at the state park.

Quite a few festivities went on at the part that day, beginning at 8:00 with a quick birding walk--but only Kristen and I showed up that chilly morning.

We then went to the St. Deroin school house to set up for a showing of my slides at around 9:00.  A few people stopped in, but I enjoyed seeing the photographs on the large screen, especially the newer ones. 

I also visited the Broom Shop next to the school and want to return another time when the person who runs the place makes a few brooms--not expensive.  

The shop itself, like the school house, offers some interesting features you can see in the series of photographs I posted.

 The park looks stunning in the early spring, and White Pelicans flew along the Missouri River, gathering here and there in small pockets.

I enjoyed the quick visit and might get out there once more before I head to Ripon, Wisconsin, for the summer on 8 May.

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