Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Student Senate Annual Awards Banquet

On Sunday evening, April 22, the Student Senate's annual Awards Banquet took place in the Burr Oak Room, as the photographs from the evening indicate.

As we have all come to expect who work with her, Glenda organized a great meal to go with the festive evening.

And as VP Micki Willis noted, Student Senate members accomplished a lot this past year, from a fall trip to a conference with student leaders from Wayne State College and Chadron State College, to a successful Homecoming.

In addition to honoring its own members for their service, each year, Student Senate--and I am pleased to continue serving as this important organization's Faculty Advisor--honors outstanding students, faculty members, and staff of the college.
This year, the Scroll and Service Award went to Jennifer Trapp, a most deserving representative of the many who earned a nomination.

As happened last year when both Dr. Bill Snyder and Brenda Trail
won the Barb Lewellen Award for their exceptional service to the college and to the students, Student Senate members again honored two people who have for many, many years served with distinction and energy PSC students, Kristi Nies and Antonia Spangler.

 Kristi Nies and Dan Perkins

Antonia Spangler  and Dan Perkins

The evening also featured the annual change in leadership, the
passing of the gavel,  for Student Senate for the next academic year.

Outgoing president Dan Perkins and
vice-president Spencer Woltemath did a splendid job, taking over the helm in the middle of the school year, and providing both humor and direction to their fellow members of Student Senate.

And this past Tuesday, after the passing of the gavel Sunday
evening, new president Ellen Larsen (far right) and new vice-president Lexi Neemann  assumed their responsibilities at the final meeting of the term.

Congratulations to everyone involved with Student Senate this past year and with Sunday's Awards Banquet, for which Jacob Buss merits special praise.


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