Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Art Homer at Peru State College

On Tuesday at 12:30, Art Homer began his musical poetry reading and discussion in the ARC Conference Room, an appearance sponsored by the Creative Writing Series and the resurgent English Club.

Those who attended enjoyed a very special treat. Art Homer discussed poetry and music and played a number of his works, including "The Poet's Rag" to a "Hedge," both of which you can hear on this posting.

In addition to hearing and watching a couple of Art Homer's works, you can also view a quick slide show of his appearance at Peru State College.

And to hear and watch Art Homer play dobro in Sum Guise when I recorded the fellows at the VFW, check out this site on the blog.

Now, listen to "The Poet's Rag" and read along--just click on the words to the left to enlarge them if necessary and to appreciate all the more the following video of his performance. (And clicking here will take you to You Tube, where I uploaded the video.)

As the words indicate, the song/poem includes all that the narrator claims to know about poetry--and more.

To commemorate Earth Day, Art performed his poe
m, "Hedge, a Requiem for John Fahey"; as with all his performance pieces, Art provides an effective introduction that ensures the listeners' better appreciation of the poem and, especially in this case, the music.

To learn more about Fahey, check out this site; and to hear him play guitar on "Poor Boys a Long Way From Home," a tune to which Art makes reference, just click here.

And at this site, you can connect directly with Art Homer's song on You Tube.

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