Saturday, April 19, 2008

Trace Trail Celebration

Picture on Canvas in the Peru Museum Window

On Saturday morning, April 12, the Peru Museum featured my photographs of flowers, the Roland Sherman Memorial Area, and Birds of the Trace Trail and Area.

The image that heads this post comes from the window of the museum that showcases a large blowup on cavas one of my photographs of the Trace Trail in high summer--a deer in the distance watches me carefully.

The actual presentation took place from 10:00-11:00 and featured my Trace Trail Trilogy, films that I have worked on since this past October that you will find described at this blog entry

I enjoyed the chance to show the films made from my images and will make this summer and next fall, a similar video for NRD about the entire Trace Trail, a project about which I am very exited.

I also appreciated the large number of people who came to the presentation on a snowy April morning.

The Trace Trail continues to enchant me. You will find a short slide show here of the event dedicated to the memory of Roland and Jean Sherman.

You can also view and even purchase photographs at the Peru Museum--all money collected for the images goes to the Peru Musuem.

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