Sunday, April 20, 2008

Piano Extravagaza at Peru State College

At 7:00 in the evening on April 12, Dr. Tom Ediger directed this year's Piano Extravaganza that
includes fifteen pianos and 176 players from the very young to the seasoned practitioners.

The Extravaganza began in 1990, and as the slide show available here
indicates, the celebration remains very enthusiastic. At the Gallery site linked in the previous sentence, you can download large files of all the images that appeal to you.

For this performance, the 176 participants, which included Peru State Music students, arrived early in morning and practiced all day long to prepare for the evening's performances.

As the images indicate--and I tried to get as many close-up shots as possible of each
team--the players got divided into eight groups, beginning with the youngest performers. Proud parents and other enthusiastic viewers filled the Peru State Theater for this annual event that provides wonderful entertainment and brings many people from the surrounding area to the Campus of a Thousand Oaks for a day of work and play; the warmth the entertain generated inside contrasted with the snow that spit outside the theater.

To get a feel for the evening's festivities, take a look at the following video that features songs from Groups Six, Seven, and Eight. And watch for next spring's event:

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