Saturday, February 2, 2008

Good Fun and Vibes at the Peru, Nebraska, VFW, with SUM GUISE

Chaney, Anderson, Fike, and Pope (left to right) Play

On Friday night, a wonderfully fun-loving and sometimes raucous crowd gathered at the Peru VFW to listen to and enjoy Ken Anderson and his friends' band, Sum Guise, pluck, strum and sing away the evening.

The following musicians account for Sum Guise's sound and song:

Ken Anderson (guitar);
John Chaney (harmonica); Art Homer (dobro); Ken Fike (mandolin); Brian Perkins (bass); and Jim Pope (banjo).

Everyone enjoyed the show, and I had wanted since the beginning of the school year to photograph the band. After a couple more sessions with the camera, I hope to add a movie made from images from the band and one or two of their numbers.

But for now, check out this video of the Sum Guise's playing a couple songs, including the popular Sam The Cham and the Pharos' signature tune, "Little Red Riding Hood"--the preceding link will also take you to the Pharos' singing and many other Red Riding Hood song links from the hilarious to the absurd.

You can also enjoy a slide show I made from last night at the Peru VFW. I published the pictures on Flickr, the more permanent site; just click here to enjoy a slide show from last night's fun. I will post the names of all the band members, but for now, just enjoy the video and the pictures.

And the crowd included a number of the band's long-time fans, especially the energetic group pictured here. Groupies?

When you get a chance, check out the band, for you will have a good time wherever the fellows play.

Doc Sherwood, Professor Emeritus of Art sitting in the center will paint a picture of the band from a couple of the pictures collected on the slide show; I plan to post in the near future a photograph of the finished project.


Anonymous said...

Sum Guise Rock!

dobroman said...

The band thanks you. Peru thanks you.

Dollie's Mom said...

Thanks for sharing.

David said...

Out in Ore-i-gun we call this a good time. Glad to have a chance to enjoy it 'cross all the mountains and plains.