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2008 NSEA Delegate Assembly

NSEA Delegate Assembly in Lincoln

The 2008 Delegate Assembly of NSEA, the Nebraska State Educational Association, took place in Lincoln at the Cornhusker Marriot hotel this past Friday and Saturday, April 24-25. The Delegate Assembly brings together NEA K-16 delegates from across Nebraska. I attended only my fourth assembly, but many in attendance have taken part in thirty or more of these interesting gatherings.

Pictures here between Roger Davis, Higher Education Academy President and Delegate for UNK, and Kelly Asmussen, a Negotiator for Peru State College, I went to Lincoln as a non-voting delegate, for I serve as president of the State College Educational Association (SCEA) and as secretary for the NSEA Higher Education Academy; you can learn more about the HEA at this site and see some highlights of the first HEA Conference this past summer at this link.

Peru State was well represented. In addition to me, Kelly Asmussen, At-Large Member of the HEA and the SCEA, and Negotiator for Peru State College, and Mary Goebel-Lundholm, President of the Peru State Local. Mary served as the voting delegate. I enjoy the Delegate Assembly for a variety of reasons, including the opportunity to see friends from across the state and to talk with people from K-16 about the issues of central concern to education in Nebraska.

This year's central issue concerned a proposed hike in union dues. Last year, contrary to the recommendations of the NSEA committee that the union move to a new location, the members voted to renovate the existing building across the street from the state capital.
The renovation costs required a hike
in our yearly dues, and the Assembly approved an increase of 16.00 to cover the renovation costs and to maintain the NSEA's existing programs.

You can see a brief slide show
here from the Delegate Assembly.

This year for the first time, the Higher Education Academy occupied its own tables and did is own registration.

HEA Members from Across Nebraska at the Delegate Assembly

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