Friday, January 24, 2014

Hal Daub Visits Peru State College

On Tuesday, January 21, former Congressman and two-time Mayor of Omaha Hal Daub paid a visit to Peru State College.
At eleven in the morning Mr. Daub engaged with students for an hour in the Fine Arts Recital Hall.  And I upload some photographs from the event that generated a good-sized crowd. 
After Hal Daub completed his presentation, the audience asked plenty of questions, including what he considers his greatest successes and disappointments.  And he lingered afterwards to talk with the students in the audience.

I recorded a couple parts of his address for your enjoyment.
In part one (six minutes), Daub talks about the value of a college education and in particular the need for a strong background in the Liberal Arts.


Daub addresses  in the second video (six minutes) what he considers the importance of both his education and experience in providing him with leadership skills that led to his continuing success.


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