Monday, April 25, 2011

PSC Men's Pageant


As part of the Spring Fling Festivities, CAB asked me to take some photographs at the PSC Men's Pageant.  

I had hosted a few years ago, the Men's Beauty Context and enjoyed this assignment equally as much.

Judges Elaine Hanson, and John and Devin Young Young had no easy time choosing among the five categories, for each of the five contestants did an excellent job, from have arm hair ripped off, to the spirited Michael Jackson (for of) review pictured on the left. 

Other acts include singing, Kung Fu Balloon Tying, and some kind of Elvis character who sand a couple songs of which you would not want your little sister to hear.

Well, as the photographs point out, we all enjoyed the talent portion and the question-and-answer portion of the program. 
And our hosts for the show, Tomas Horky and Kallan Garber,  kept all the acts moving along, which required no small amount of talent.

And somehow the judges picked the following winners:

Mr. Bootyucious, Spencer Woltemath

Fourth-Runner Up, Kalena Rodero-Workman

Sean Patrick Lawler, Third Place

Adam Lee Jeanneret, Second Place

I add for your further enjoyment, a few of the pictures you will find in the slide show. 

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