Monday, April 25, 2011

Bill Snyder Retirement Address

On Friday, April 22, an enthusiastic audience form the Peru State College Community gathered to listen to Dr. Bill Snyder's perspective on forty years of service to this institution.

A dear friend to many, including me, Bill offered for 90 minutes multiple humorous anecdotes and experienced-backed admonitions related to this institution he has served with love and energy. 

He has taken great joy from his teaching and profoundly affected the lives of many, including me.  

I will miss him greatly next year, and not just because I can no longer count on free tea in his office or in front of the library.

I posted images from the event, trying to capture some of the energy, intensity, and humor Bill's students and friends will always remember.

Enjoy the photographs and make sure to shake Bill's hand and give him a hug. 

Oh, and Bill Snyder will certainly return for next year's homecoming parade, for the Student Senate named him Grand Marshall.

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