Thursday, April 14, 2011

Alpha Chi in San Diego

I spent from March 28-3 April in San Diego and attended the Alpha Chi National Conference there.  Last year's gathering took place in Little Rock, Arkansas.

And while we anticipated fewer folks to make the trip to the West Coast, nearly 500 people attended this successful gathering of undergraduate and graduate scholars from across the country.

I arrived a day early--Tuesday evening began my official duties, for I serve on a scholarship committee.  And after visiting Imperial Beach (where I lived from 1966-1980), I and my two brothers drove around the area, from Balboa Park to Mission Bay, taking photographs of places the students could visit.

At the opening ceremonies on Thursday evening, a video I made from my collection of slides played on large screens during the banquet.  

The second set of slides features the opening day's activities, including quite a few pictures from the banquet.   After an excellent meal, the conference's keynote speaker, Heather Triplett Biehl, discussed her years working for the CIA:   “Living a Life of ‘Intelligence.’”  

A graduate of Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri, she also received the 2011 Alpha Chi Distinguished Alumni Award.

 Last year in Little Rock, a group from the organization teamed with Reading is Fundamental and visited a Children's Hospital there, included in the video I made for the conference's closing ceremonies. 

Alpha Chi teamed once again with RIF and visited three kindergarten classes at Jefferson Elementary School, in North Park, not far from where I got my BA, San Diego State University8.  At the school, Alpha Chi members read to the youngsters and donated to the students and to the school's library nearly a thousand books Alpha Chi chapters from across the country collected; and this process continues.

The collection of photographs I loaded indicates how much everyone enjoyed the visit.   And you can enjoy on You Tube (make sure to choose the highest resolution)  a video made from the photographs taken we we visited.

The final set of slides includes both the Friday breakfast and the awards ceremony that concluded the successful gathering in the sun.

The breakfast featured another keynote address,  “The Power of a Book,”  that Dr. Judy Cheatham, Alpha Chi National Council member and vice president for literacy services with RIF, delivered.  Cheatham read RIF president and CEO Carol Rasco's talk because illness precluded her attending.

Enjoy the images and the video.  As always, download all the photographs that appeal to you.

Next March, Alpha Chi heads to Baltimore, MD.

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