Monday, April 25, 2011

Civil War Conference


Conference Co-Chairs, Clay Lamphear and Caroline Keenan

April 14-16, Peru State College hosted Phi Alpha Theta's Civil War conference for undergraduates, The Trial of a Nation.  Dr. Sara Crook and Dr. Spencer Davis serve as Faculty Sponsors for Phi Alpha Theta.

I could not attend the entire event because of having to attend NEA's Delegate Assembly.  But on Thursday night, I went to the conference's opening ceremony that featured Dan Holz's singing Civil War Songs--you can watch Dan perform two of the songs on You Tube.

Before leaving town, I also photographed the keynote speaker for the Friday lunch, Peg Keenan, who talked about "The Underground Railroad Quilt."

As the photographs indicate, I also visited the Peru Depot, where Civil War Reenactors displayed their wares and talked about their special areas of interest.

Unfortunately, I could not attend the banquet and consequently missed Paul Finkelman's excellent key note speech. 

The successful undergraduate conference also awarded a number of prizes:

The Trial of a Nation Conference
April 14 & 15, 2011
Presentation of the 1st and 2nd Place Awards: Dr. Hanson and Clay Lamphear
         2nd Place: Brandi Edmond ($100) “Civil War Nursing”
         1st Place: Amanda Pearson-VanderBroek  ($500) “Spring 1862”
2nd Place: Jessica Manning & Charlotte Wallace (check of $50 to each) “Recipes of the Civil War”
         1st Place: Megan Bottcher ($500 “Examining Civil War Photography”
         2nd Place: Janet Vaher ($100) “J. Sterling Morton”
         1st Place: Caroline Keenan ($500) “Kate Stone”
Power Point Presentations:
         2nd Place: ($100) Katherine Nierman “Habeas Corpus”
            1st Place: ($500) D. J. Pophams “Contrasting Economic Lifestyles”           

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