Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tom Ediger Memorial and an Iowa Walk

Just after Tom Ediger passed away, Linda, my wife, visited me for a few days.   Mostly we just hung out at the farm house, which helped me relax after the unpleasant surprise.

We thought to go biking on trails at a beautiful state park in Iowa, Waubonsie, just over the Missouri River from Nebraska City.   Well, turns out that the park located in the Loess Hills is pretty much a goat trail, so our feet let the way on some paths in this beautiful area.

Linda and my daughter, Leah, returned to Peru from Wisconsin and Colorado for Tom Ediger's beautiful memorial Service.

I did not take many pictures at the service, and Leah spoke for me; she did a beautiful job, and I will eventually reload video from her talk and the service.
I got a video of the hour-long ceremony and posted on You Tube the first half hour.  The video includes remarks from President Hanson, a group of music students, teachers, and graduates singing one of Tom's original pieces, a talk by my daughter, Leah, of whom I am very proud, and remarks by a few people, including Jacob Buss and Ellis Clopton.

We all miss Tom Ediger.

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