Tuesday, February 3, 2015

August Bike Trip to Sparta With Linda

This July, Linda and I returned to Sparta for the bike trails, which include rail road tunnels we always enjoy, even in the heat. 

We drove to the hotel we like in Sparta and then went for a couple rides along the trails in sunny weather.
Probably we only rode for a dozen total miles on these pleasant and well-kept trails.  But we felt the slight inclines on the beautiful trails.


The next day, we drove in the direction of LaCrosse, where later in
the summer we would see the world's largest six pack.

A stop at the most friendly tourist information building in Onalaska near the Black and Mississippi Rivers just north of La Crosse led us to the beautiful Great River State Trail. 
I posted quite a few pictures from our two-day trip of pedaling and discovery.  We want to spend an entire on the trail that begins in Onalaska, this time concentrating on that section of the trail along the Mississippi River.

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