Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Summer Trail Walk and Dragonflies

One afternoon in late September or so, a squadron of Dragon Flies invaded the lawn at the farm house. 

They stayed for most of the day and then vanished.  While in the yard, they engaged in birds-and-the bees antics, as the following photograph and the one on the left make pretty clear.

Taking the photographs made me feel very much the voyeur. 

In the middle of October, I took some photographs on one of my walks along the Trace Trail, this time off of Oregon Street on my way home from the office on a beautifully sunny evening.

A recent article in the New York Times indicated that the numbers of Monarch Butterflies that winter in Mexico had increased considerably after a substantial loss in numbers.

Well, as I walked the trail, hundreds of Monarchs flitted along the trail with me on this day punctuated by yellow, green and orange.

I always enjoy summer's final gasps.

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