Sunday, February 8, 2015

Homecoming 2014

As usual, my homecoming day started early, and I enjoyed pretty much every minute.

My morning began on campus where I read over the script for the parade and then headed to the staging area where many of the special guests, including the Sapp family sat--one of the brothers and his wife served as this year's grand marshalls.
As usual, the parade proved great fun.  The relative chaos appeals to me, and I served as the parade announcer, something I have done for over twenty years. 

This second section of photographs, of around forty images, covers the Homecoming celebration on the campus, including excellent music and lots of free food.

The band certainly dressed for the occasion, and the crowd, a large one, took advantage of the beautiful day.  I recorded short sequences from the Hoyt Street Jazz Band and the halftime show for your enjoyment.

One of the features of Homecoming that I enjoy a great deal:  the chance to see alumni and other familiar faces from my many years here.   And every once in a while, someone takes a picture of me.

And the band played on, providing fanfare at halftime and energizing music during the game.  The Pep Band members wore themselves out.  

Unfortunately the band's and the cheerleaders enthusiasm did not ensure a victory for the Bobcat team, which did not enjoy a particularly good season at the Oak Bowl or on the road.

King and Queen and Court

Homecoming also featured the crowing of the Homecoming King, Queen, and Court.  And this year's winners, as always, featured a wonderful group of students, including the King, Ryan Bawman,  and Queen, Lexi Neemann, here flanked by Dan and Elaine Hanson.

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