Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Birds and Things, Summer to Fall

 Great-crested Flycatcher
 Touch Me Not

This series of photographs from late summer in Peru covers a a walk along the Trace Trail, a quick visit to, Squaw Creek, and the variety of birds that visited my feeders at the farm house.

The birds include Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, the first time visitor, the Great-crested Flycatcher, a young Prothonatory Warbler,
a Proboscus Moth (called by many the Hummingbird Moth, and many of what I call the usual suspects. 

In addition, a pretty group of butterflies came after I watered the plants that sprouted up around my feeders over the summer, including sunflowers and other seed plants that the birds and insects enjoyed.

Leaving Ripon at the end of each summer only gets more difficult--Linda, however, retires after three more terms and will come to Peru until I reture.  So fun.

While returning to Peru does not get easier, I do love the birds who visit my yard and the trails near the college and areas such as Squaw Creek in easy striking distance.

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