Saturday, September 17, 2011

Welcome Back Festival and Oakfest

This year, Student Senate, CAB, The Peru Theater Club, and Black Student Union worked together to organize Oakstock, which included a number of activities, from Oakfest musical entertainment to outdoor dining and an opportunity to get acquainted with many campus clubs.

CAB also produced some excellent tee-shirts to celebrate
greetings for the start of a new semester. I am glad to have managed to get one of these shirts, which became immediately popular with everyone.

The evening featured a new manifestation of Peru imagination and spirit, a man in blue who certainly captured everyone's attention.

People scrambled to have pictures taken with this brave individual,
whose identity remains as secret as Spider Man's--well, sort of. His fans included PSC President Dan Hanson and Elaine Hanson, as the photograph on the right suggests.

In addition to good people, food, and weather, the day featured music for over twelve hours. While I did not stay for the final acts, the photographs from the day feature some of the performers.

I also posted video from two familiar bands, Escape the Fire and Soul Specimen.

The Soul Specimen video features Laura Fortney singing
"White Rabbit."

So enjoy the photographs from the festivities and the music. For those new to the college and the blog, you can download all the photographs that appeal to you--no need to ask.

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