Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Flying with Daryl Long, Trace Tail, and This and That to Start the Term

Nebraska City Power Plant

A busy schedule and other interruptions kept me from the blog since my return in early July from Peru, South America. But I will try to catch up quickly, especially with Peru, NE, related matters for which I have posted photographs of Facebook.

Well, on Saturday August 27, Daryl Long took me up in his plane from the Nebraska City Airport to survey flood damage between Nebraska City and Brownville on both sides of the bloated Missouri River.

As the photographs from the trip underscore, the summer floods inflicted substantial
damage between Highway Two and Highway 136 on the Missouri side of the river.

Daryl and I also labeled a number of the photographs to help you situate yourself as we flew east from the airport over the river and then south along Highway 29 until we reached Hamburg.

We then traveled west along Highway 136 to Brownville and the north through Peru back to the airport.

On the way back to the airport, we also took a spin by Peru State College, as beautiful from the air as on the ground.

Peru state College Campus

Highway 2 Bridge into Missouri
Bridge over Missouri River at Brownville

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