Sunday, September 18, 2011

Peru Theater Company Presents Pippin

This year's drama productions--and the Peru Theater Company plans to offer three more pays this school year--began with a musical,

Dr. Tom Ediger and Josh Young collaborated on this wildly
successful and wonderfully colorful effort.

Affected by the students' efforts, I posted quite a few photographs. The first set comes from the dress rehearsal on September 7, and the second group of images I took after one of the four performances that concluded with the Sunday matinee at 2:00.

All the singers performed well, and I posted excerpts from the play that feature in particular the voices of Dan Perkins, Carmen Schweiger, Xavier Gibson, Blake Lofing, and Emily Crom.

I hope that you enjoy the songs in the following three videos:

Pippin Part One

Pippin Part Two

Pippin Part Three

Dr. Tom Ediger, Thomas Horkey, David Norris, and Randall Snyder provided the music
that accompanied the students' voices.

Enjoy the photographs and the videos.

And when you see them on campus, congratulate everyone involved with Pippin.

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