Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Trebuchet at PSC

I missed last year's trebuchet fun when a car got hit, but I made sure to take some pictures and a bit of video this time around, Tuesday, November 10.

Dr. Paul Hinrich's Physics class constructed six different models of trebuchets and tested them out at 3:00 in the afternoon behind AV Larson. 

Take a look at the photographs

Each of the machines attempted to hoist an Osage Orange into the air and hit a target in the field adjacent to the road behind Larson.  And the student-constructed devices smacked the target a number of  times.

A couple of trebuchets lofted the lime-colored projectile beyond the target and into the woods.

I also made a short video--with some slow motion--to show a couple of the machines in action.

I also recorded from a couple years ago, another entertaining display of trebuchet at PSC.

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