Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Homecoming Football and the Crowing of the King and Queen

The events of the previous day and Saturday morning activities included Tree Planting, the  Reunion Banquet for the Thirty and Fifty Year Alumni, the Toughest Mile, and the Parade and Campus Events.

Homecoming culminated with the football game, a win for PSC, and the first homecoming victory is some five years.  All very exciting from the press box where I worked as usual with the statistics crew; we enjoyed a fine time watching the term secure the victory.

At halftime, I walked down to the field to photographs the crowing of the Homecoming King and Queen, which proved exciting for me, for an English Major got elected Homecoming Queen, Chelsea Turek.

And I have enjoyed photographing the new king, for he sings and dances with the Peru Prestige.

Congratulations to all members of the Homecoming Court, including Ryan Christensen, another English Major.

Enjoy the photographs from this memorable event.  And congratulations to the PSC Student Senate and everyone else who helped organize Homecoming.




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